Academic Weekday

CAMBUS operates Academic Weekday service during the Fall and Spring Semester when classes are in session, Monday-Friday. 

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Academic Weekday Routes and Service Hours
Academic Weekday
Routes and Service Hours
Route NameRoute DescriptionStart TimeEnd Time
RedCentral campus service (circles clockwise).  Includes WCTC/UIHC, North Hospital, Residence Halls and the Pentacrest.6:25 AM12:40 AM
BlueCentral campus service (circles counterclockwise).  Includes WCTC/UIHC, North Hospital, Residence Halls and the Pentacrest.6:02 AM12:42 AM
PentacrestServices the Pentacrest, North Hospital and Finkbine/Arena Commuter Lots.6:21 AM6:54 PM
Research ParkResearch Park campus to North Hospital.  Downtown service arranged through transfer with Pentacrest.6:00 AM7:45 PM
InterdormServices east and west side Residence Halls (including Mayflower) and the Pentacrest.8:05 AM7:27 PM
Mayflower ShuttleMayflower Hall to east side Residence Halls and the Pentacrest.6:50 AM5:38 PM
Hawkeye InterdormServices Hawkeye campus, WCTC/UIHC, Residence Halls and the Pentacrest.6:16 AM1:02 AM
Hawkeye ExpressExpress peak service between Hawkeye campus and the Pentacrest (no service to WCTC/UIHC).7:13 AM6:05 PM
Hawkeye HospitalServices Hawkeye campus, North Hospital and WCTC/UIHC (no service to Residence Halls or the Pentacrest).6:00 AM5:56 PM
Hawk Lot HospitalWeekday early morning/late afternoon express service between Hawkeye Lot and WCTC/UIHC.4:40 AM6:43 PM
Hospital Finkbine ArenaServices WCTC/UIHC to Finkbine and Arena Commuter Lots.4:30 AM6:40 PM
North Hospital ShuttleServices Finkbine and Arena Commuter Lots to the VA Loop.7:32 AM7:50 AM
Hospital Via HancherServices North Hospital to Hancher Parking Lot.7:03 AM8:27 AM
East Campus ShuttleServices the Pentacrest, Clinton Street Music, the University Services Building (USB) and Lot 11.6:36 AM6:33 PM
Art Building West-Studio Arts ShuttleServices the Pentacrest, Arts Campus and the Studio Arts Building.7:22 AM6:48 PM
Studio Arts ShuttleServices the Pentacrest and the Studio Arts Building.6:32 PM12:05 AM
Music-Theatre ShuttleServices the Music West Interim Building, Clinton Street Music and the Pentacrest.8:35 AM3:35 PM
Night PentacrestServices the Pentacrest, North Hospital, Finkbine/Arena Commuter Lots and WCTC/UIHC.6:45 PM12:35 AM