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Accessible Parking Options


All public parking facilities on the University of Iowa campus have designated accessible parking spaces. Use of these spaces requires either a permanent or temporary handicap placard issued by a state government or a handicap license plate. These accessible parking spaces (located in cashiered structures, cashiered surface lots, or at meters) are designated by a sign as reserved.

Faculty, Staff and Student


Policy for assigned parking space has been established in accordance with the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act. All faculty, staff and students with disabilities who wish to apply for a handicap parking permit must present proof of possession of a State of Iowa Handicapped parking placard or a vehicle license plate designated as handicapped.

Faculty, staff, and students with disabilities who desire access to an employee or student parking facility, but who do not need to utilize the specially dimensioned and accessible marked spaces, may apply for parking privileges in the same manner as an employees or students without a disability. With proof of the State Handicapped parking placard, their name will be placed on the appropriate waiting list or they will be assigned to an available parking lot within the employee or student parking options. The University seniority date is the criteria used for placement on the employee waiting list. When their name rises to the top of the list, they will receive the first available opening in that lot.

The purpose of the procedure is to provide reasonable parking access to faculty, staff and students whose disabilities do not require the larger or specially located ADA compliant spaces. Once individuals receive their assignments their privileges and responsibilities are the same as all other employees or students. The permit offered will be the standard permit, offered to all non-disabled persons utilizing the facility. It will be valid for use in the ADA spaces located within assigned parking lots, only if it’s displayed in conjunction with the state issued handicapped placard or license plate. Individuals with this permit may also utilize ADA spaces in University operated public parking facilities, with the exception of Hospital Parking Ramps 1 and 4, by displaying their State Parking placard and paying the hourly rate.


The University may provide short-term parking to faculty, staff and students with disabilities by offering temporary permits for parking in employee or student parking lots.

To request parking based on a temporary disability, the below must be submitted to

1. A request including name, University ID, where the employee or student is requesting to park and the length of time the temporary accommodation is being requested for.

2. A completed Temporary Medical Parking Request Form. This must be faxed to (319) 335-6649, emailed to, or delivered to the Parking and Transportation Department office. If assistance is needed in completing this form, please contact Parking Services at (319) 335-1475.

3. Employees and students intending to park in designated handicap stalls, you must display a State-issued handicap placard/license plate.

After these items have been submitted, Parking and Transportation will be in contact with the applicant. Applicants with approved temporary accommodations should bring their University ID and current parking permit, if applicable, with them when coming to pick up their new permit.

If the duration of the need is one week or less, permits will be sold at the current daily permit rate.

If the duration is for more than one week, it will be sold on a monthly basis for up to three months. If the employee or student has a current paid University parking permit, they will pay the same fee as their current permit for up to three months.

If the employee or student has no parking, or has a free permit, the rate will be half of the normal monthly rate for the facility, for up to three months, and the permit will be sold only on a whole month basis.

Employees and students who require the assignment for more than three months will be asked to show proof of possession of a State Handicap Placard. The total fee charged for assignments longer than three months will match the standard monthly fee for a given facility.


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