Parking updates effective May 12, 2020 for west campus

Parking updates effective May 12, 2020 for west campus

May 8, 2020

Although all regular campus operations have not resumed, UI Hospitals & Clinics is increasing patient visits and services to provide needed care. Providing additional patient care requires more faculty and staff to be on the west campus and therefore more parking demand. Most parking permit holders that were temporarily reassigned, except for Parking Lot 85 (Hawkeye), need to return to their designated parking lot beginning Tuesday, May 12.

A select number of permit holders based upon seniority will remain reassigned until further notice to limit the demand on a single parking lot. These permit holders that remain temporarily reassigned will be notified via email. Please check your email for details from the Parking Office regarding your specific parking assignment.

The decision to return permit holders to their designated parking lot was made in collaboration with the UI Critical Incident Management Team and UI Hospitals & Clinics administration. The Parking and Transportation Department recognizes that there have been many changes for faculty and staff and your flexibility and understanding has been appreciated.

CAMBUS operations and rider recommendations

Since March, CAMBUS has increased the number of buses providing service to Parking Lot 65, Finkbine and Parking Lot 75, Finkbine Arena during the morning and evening commute. There are five buses currently providing service between 6:25 a.m. – 8:20 a.m. and 3:45 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. to allow for social distancing. This provides a departure approximately every 2-3 minutes, so riders can choose to wait for the next bus if a bus is too full for their comfort level. Beginning Monday, May 18, six buses will be providing service on the Hospital-Finkbine/Arena route during the morning and evening commute. This is twice the regular service levels during the morning and evening commute.

The department is committed to providing a safe and convenient service. Riders are asked to board through the rear doors and should follow CDC recommendations to prevent the spread of COVID-19. CAMBUS encourages riders to wear a cloth mask or face shield while riding the bus in compliance with the latest CDC guidance. Buses are disinfected and cleaned at least once a day and are deep cleaned once a week. Our processes reflect guidance from the CDC, FTA, and local public health experts.

The demand-response service available from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. (midnight) will continue to be provided until further notice. Boarding data and ride requests will be monitored, so CAMBUS can ensure the service meet the needs of campus.

No permit and free parking locations

Parking Lot 55, Hancher and Parking Lot 48, Myrtle are open parking and do not require any parking permit through May 31, 2020. If you do not have a parking permit and need parking after May 31, please contact or call (319) 335-1475. Regular interim CAMBUS service is provided to Parking Lot 55.

Parking Lot 65, Finkbine will no longer be open to vehicles without a permit parking. Only permits for Parking Lots 65 and 85, Hawkeye will be honored in Parking Lot 65 beginning Tuesday, May 12.

Operational evaluation

Over the past week, available parking has significantly decreased, and many permit holders have shared their frustrations with the Parking Office. The decrease in available parking is a signal that the temporary reassignments are no longer compatible with the number of employees parking on the west campus. Permit holder will be notified via email if they are one of the permit holders temporarily assigned.

The updated temporary assignments are subject to change at any time in response to faculty, staff, patients, and others returning to campus. These temporary assignments will be verified daily by parking enforcement. Parking and Transportation will continue to closely monitor operations and make any needed adjustments. This includes monitoring bus boarding data to provide opportunities for social distancing.

This is an unprecedent challenge our Hawkeye community is facing, and your commitment and resilience are remarkable. Parking and Transportation will continue to work collaboratively to support UI Hospitals & Clinics and the campus as the path forward continues to evolve.