Repair station pumps being replaced: September 14, 2018

Repair station pumps being replaced

September 14, 2018

The air pumps at the following bike repair stations are not working due to a part failure in the nozzle head. Replacement parts have arrived and will be installed soon. Please continue to check back for updates as we're able to install the replacement parts.

Becker Communications Studies UPDATE: Pump head replaced Monday, September 17 and ready for use. 

Burge Hall

Iowa Memorial Union UPDATE: Pump replaced and repaired Tuesday, September 18 and ready for use. 

Visual Arts Building UPDATE: Pump head replaced Monday, September 17 and ready for use. 

Air pumps are operational at our other repair station locations: Boyd Law Building, Eckstein Medical Research Building, Hillcrest Hall, Hospital Parking Ramp 1, and Hospital Parking Ramp 4. Additional detail available on the repair station webpage:

If you notice a repair station needs attention or repair, please contact our office bt filling out this form: