Service Alert: CAMBUS Stops Closed and Re-Routes due to Hancher Event: August 19, 2015


Service Announcement: Stops Closed and Re-routes due to Event at Hancher

Effective: 4:00PM Friday, August 21 – 6:00PM Saturday, August 22, 2015

August 19, 2015

Due to the closure of the access road off of Park Road to Hancher and Levitt Center for an event, CAMBUS will be required to re-route. Stops #2121 Levitt Center, #2115 Hancher West, #2114 Hancher East and #2110 Hancher/Park Road will be closed. Customers may board/alight at a temporary stop located near the former location of Clapp Recital Hall.

Map of Hancher with Temporary Stop Location

CAMBUS riders are encouraged to use for real-time bus information and call (319) 335-8633 or email with questions about service.