Service Alert: CAMBUS Stops Closed and Re-Routes due to Soul Festival: August 24, 2015


Service Announcement: Stops Closed and Re-Routes due to Soul Festival

Effective: 1:30PM Thursday, August 27 – 12:00PM Sunday, August 30, 2015

August 24, 2015

Due to the Soul Festival, several downtown streets will be closed. Stops #1021 PBB, #1030 Clinton/Iowa, and #0001 Schaeffer Hall will be closed. Customers may board/alight at the following alternatives:

Hawkeye/Interdorm – Clinton/Market, IMU, Main Library

Red Route – Clinton/Market, IMU, Main Library

Interdorm – Clinton/Market, IMU, Main Library

West Dorm Shuttle – Macbride, IMU, Main Library

Mayflower Shuttle – Clinton/Market, Macbride

Studio Arts – Macbride, IMU, Main Library

Pentacrest/Night Pentacrest – Macbride, IMU, Hubbard Park

East Campus Shuttle – IMU, Old Capitol Center

CAMBUS riders are encouraged to use for real-time bus information and call (319) 335-8633 or email with questions about service.