Service Alert: Service Delays due to RAGBRAI Events in Coralville and Iowa City: July 21, 2015


Service Announcement: Service Delays due to RAGBRAI Events in Coralville & Iowa City

Effective: Friday, July 24 & Saturday, July 25, 2015

July 21, 2015

Due to RAGBRAI events in Coralville and Iowa City, CAMBUS routes and services may experience delays throughout the service area. It is anticipated on Friday, July 24, the Research Park route will experience delays due to traffic congestion along 1st Avenue in Coralville. Customers are advised on time connections to/from Research Park to other transit services cannot be guaranteed. It is anticipated on Saturday, July 25, the Hawkeye/Interdorm route might experience minor delays as RAGBRAI riders exit service area.

CAMBUS riders are encouraged to use for real-time bus information and call (319) 335-8633 or email with questions about service.