Service Announcement: Hawkeye-Pentacrest route changes effective Nov. 23, 2020

Service Announcement: Hawkeye-Pentacrest route changes effective Nov. 23, 2020 

Nov. 5, 2020

The Hawkeye-Pentacrest route change will have a new route schedule and adjusted route alignment beginning Monday, Nov. 23.  The route will no longer use Highway 6 between Hawkins Drive and Iowa Avenue and instead will travel in both directions on Newton Road all day. The route will also travel clockwise through the Hawkeye campus all day. Changes to the Hawkeye-Pentacrest route provide a more predictable service for all riders and are in response to rider feedback and route analysis. These changes are permanent, and the schedule will operate year-round.

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Route Alignment 

During the fall semester, riders expressed confusion about AM and PM versions of the route. The route changed directions between the AM and PM to provide the most direct route for riders with typical commuting patterns from the Hawkeye area to Newton Road in the morning and from Newton Road to the Hawkey area in the evening.  As the Hawkeye-Pentacrest route has expanded service, it has seen more atypical trips from commuters and students both from the Hawkeye Campus and from the Pentacrest.

Examples of trips

Graduate and professional students at Aspire traveling to Newton Road 

Undergraduate students traveling from Main Campus to Newton Road or the Hawkeye Campus 

Commuters making atypical trips from Parking Lot 85 to Newton Road after 12 p.m. noon

Through schedule analysis, it was determined that there is enough time in the schedule for the route to travel in both directions on Newton Road all day. This change should simplify the route for users and make the route more efficient for riders boarding at the Hawkeye campus or Aspire throughout the day. 

The route will also travel clockwise through the Hawkeye Campus all day.  This change is being made after a review of left turn options onto Mormon Trek from the Hawkeye Campus.  The left turn being made from Hawkeye Park Road will improve both safety and schedule performance on the route.

Schedule Change 

To accommodate the new route alignment, small adjustments were made the route schedule.  The schedule adjustments also reduce bus layovers at points in the route that are just before a major drop-off stop for riders. 

View the Hawkeye-Pentacrest year-round weekday schedule