Severe Weather Policy Reminder and Information

Severe Weather Policy Reminder and Information

August 20, 2019

We understand that CAMBUS is an important service to the university community and that many people rely on CAMBUS to get to and from work, classes, and appointments.  CAMBUS is committed to providing a safe and reliable service to our riders. In light of the severe weather impact experienced today, we wanted to provide more information about how decisions to suspend CAMBUS service are made. We understand the frustration of having service suspended, especially during the morning commute.

CAMBUS is required by UIowa Public Safety to suspend all service if either of these conditions are met:

  • a tornado warning is issued for Johnson County OR
  • a severe weather warning that includes high-speed winds is issued for Johnson County

The severe weather warning the morning  of August 20 included wind speeds of up to 70 mph.  At winds over 60 mph, high profile vehicles, such as buses, are unable to safely operate.  High profile vehicles, including buses, have been reported to be blown off of roads during excessive wind speeds.  High winds prevent bus drivers from being able to effectively steer a bus. High wind also can also knock down trees and power lines on to buses and knock out windows causing injuries to riders.  A bus is not a safe place to be when these conditions are present.

Be sure you subscribe to Hawk Alerts and use a weather application to subscribe to severe weather alerts. If a severe weather alert includes a tornado warning or a warning with high wind speeds, expect that CAMBUS will no longer be able to safely operate until the warning is expired. If safe to do so, alternative travel/work arrangements should be made. Additionally, we post alerts to our Facebook and Twitter (@uiowacambus) with all information related to a suspension of service.  Alerts are also posetd to our website:

More information about the CAMBUS severe weather policy can be found here:

We apologize for any inconvenience, and continue to evaluate and improve safety protocols to limit service disruptions during severe weather events.

If you have any further questions or concerns about CAMBUS service, please email