persons walking and biking on campus side walk near intersection with Iowa City Transit bus at stop sign
Sustainable Transportation

Make your commute more sustainable

University students, faculty, and staff between 2016 and 2020 saved more than 1.4 million gallons of fuel by choosing to not drive alone.

Unpark Yourself

Our ‘Unpark Yourself’ campaign is rooted in making the transportation of those in our community easier, and more efficient.

Why walk, bike, ride transit, or rideshare?

Parking and Transportation offers and supports several alternative modes of transportation. The alternative modes provide sustainable options that help:

- Reduce carbon emissions
- Save money
- Reduce stress 
- Enhance mobility

Coralville Transit

Bus Pass | U-PASS

Discounted passes are available for unlimited rides on Coralville Transit.  Iowa City Transit is fare free.  

White van parked in parking ramp with graphic stating University of Iowa Employee Van Pool

Employee Van Pool Program

Parking and Transportation offers leasing of University owned vans and provides them to groups of University faculty and staff for the purpose of getting them to and from work.

rideshare network

UI Rideshare

UI Rideshare uses ridesharing software to help university employees and students find commuting partners who also work or study at the University of Iowa. 

Dark blue bus with green lettering 380Express turns at intersection by stadium with glass facade

380 Express

Discounted passes are available for the bus service that travels between Cedar Rapids and Iowa City and stops in Coralville.

person wearing black ball cap and red sweatshirt walks past two rows of bicycle racks with bikes parked


Miles of biking and pedestrian paths provide safe and scenic routes to travel around campus. 

carpool permit form

Carpool Permits

Permit holders may convert their parking permit into a carpool arrangement if they want to share the ride and drive with others.

Contact Commuter Programs

Phone: 319-353-5770

Alerts for Alternative Transportation

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