Friday, December 14, 2018

The Parking and Transportation congratulates all University of Iowa students graduating at the end of the Fall 2018 semester. Parking and Transportation employs over 300 students and the services we provide are dependent upon their efforts. Each year, we watch as students employed by our department graduate and begin the next chapter of their lives.

In an effort to express our thanks, we are highlighting a couple of our employees and supervisors graduating Fall 2018. We asked these graduates about their University of Iowa experience. The student employees featured below have total combined experience of 10.5 years.

Lucee Laursen, Univesrity of Iowa student wearing blue blazer and and black, thick-rimmed eye glasses

Lucee Laursen of Onalaska, Wisconsin has worked as a customer service representative for Parking Services and has been a wonderful addition to our team the past 2.75 years. Lucee is graduating with a degree in Ethics and Public Policy. “I will miss working with my coworkers the most,” wrote Lucee who will be attending law school beginning fall 2019.


Brad Skiniotes of Manhattan, Illinois has worked with CAMBUS for 3.75 years and has been serving as the student maintenance supervisor since January 2017.

Brad Skiniotes stands in front of CAMBUS bus
Brad earned a degree in Statistics in Business, Industry, Government, and Research and will be moving to the Chicago area for a management position with the Chicago Transit Authority. “The thing that I will miss most about the university is definitely the people. CAMBUS is such a fun, social, and interactive place to work yet at the same time we are actually providing a critical service to the university,” wrote Brad.  


Mitchell Smith of Clive, Iowa has worked with CAMBUS for four years and has been promoted several times since beginning as a driver.

His first promotion was to trainer (October 2015), then training supervisor (February 2016), and most recently to safety supervisor (December 2017). Mitchell earned a degree in Economics and will be beginning a career at Nationwide in Des Moines, Iowa. “The people [I will miss most]. All of my opportunities and accomplishments have been possible because of the people at CAMBUS. What they [CAMBUS] do is amazing,” wrote Mitchell. 


Q: Why did you apply to work at CAMBUS?         
Mitchell: The main reasons I applied, promotion opportunities and pay. I needed income regardless, but the opportunity to grow in an organization while being a student really appealed to me.

Q: How has working for a university employer improved your educational experience?   
Lucee: Working for the university has improved my time management skills and my communications skills which have spilled over into group work I have done in my classes.

Q: What skills have you developed working at CAMBUS that you will take with you to your career?            
Brad: My management skills both of other employees and of myself have been the biggest things that CAMBUS has helped me develop in my life. Being a supervisor at CAMBUS has shaped me to become more patient and more organized.

Lastly, we asked them to finish this sentence: “The University of Iowa is …”

Luccee: exhilarating.
Brad: a home away from home.
Mitchell: simply great.

Please join us in congratulating Lucee, Brad, and Mitchell and all University of Iowa students graduating. Parking and Transportation offers our thanks to all our student employees for providing amazing service to the campus and best wishes for their futures.