Best Practices for WEX Fuel Card Use

Best Practices for WEX Fuel Card Use

Don’t store the gas pin with the card. Keep the pin number memorized or separate from the fuel card.

Only purchase enough fuel to get back to campus and don’t fuel the vehicle if you don’t have to.

Don’t run out of gas.  Just because the vehicle says you have 50 miles left, don’t think you actually have 50 miles left, you may only have 30 or 20, etc.

The fuel card does not work in Iowa City or Coralville.

Make sure you are using the correct fuel type for your vehicle. At the bottom of the key tag, you will see the type of fuel the vehicle uses. 

Card limits are as follows:

Cards can only be used to purchase fuel

$150 per transaction

Four (4) transactions per 24-hour period (Midnight to 11:59pm)

$500 limit per 24-hour period (Midnight to 11:59pm)

If you feel these limits will prohibit successful completion of your trip, notify fleet services immediately so that we can temporarily make card adjustments.

Let the Fleet Services office know right away if you have lost your fuel card so we can cancel it and get you a new one.   If you subsequently find a card that you had reported as lost or stolen, the card will no longer work.  You will have to wait until you receive the replacement card.

If you have lost your fuel card or can’t find it in the vehicle and need to purchase fuel, do not use your P-card. Instead, use your personal card and keep the receipt. Fleet Services will reimburse you.

There is a list in the fuel card pouch of vendors that accept the WEX card.  There is a free WEX Connect Mobile App that you can download to your personal iPhone or Android device to assist you in quickly finding a fuel location near you.  Search “Wex app”. 

Save all fuel receipts for your departmental reconciling purposes.

If you don’t use the fuel card on a regular basis, do not leave it in the vehicle.  Keep it in your department office in a secure location.   If you rarely use your fuel card, return it to Fleet Services.  We will hold the card for you if you ever need it.

Enter an accurate odometer reading when getting fuel.  This number is used in calculating the MPG.  Inaccurate entries lead to wrong MPG calculations and false indications of fraud. 

Do not use a vehicle WEX card to fill generators, lawn mowers., etc.  Get a different card that can be assigned to the equipment has opposed to a vehicle that isn’t actually using the fuel because it throws mpg information off.