Bicycle Parking

Bicycle Parking

  • Bike parking is free!
  • Don’t know where to park?  Use our Bicycle Parking Map to find locations.
  • Bicycles must be parked in bicycle racks.  Please do not obstruct walkways, railings, doorways or ramps.
  • Bikes not parked at a rack may be ticketed, immobilized and/or impounded.
  • Please do not leave your bike on campus.  Abandoned bicycles will be impounded.

Bicycle Security

  • Never leave your bike unlocked.
  • Always park at a bike rack.  Lock both wheels and the frame of the bike to the rack.
  • Securing your bike only by the frame or only by the wheel, makes it vulnerable to theft. 
  • Do not leave your bike in an area unattended for an extended period of time.
  • Register your bicycle.  Thieves look for bikes without any identification on them.
  • Take a picture with your bike.  This may help Police identify your bike. 

If your bicycle is stolen

  • Report a stolen bike to UI Police Department immediately or call the local police department within the community where the bike was stolen.
  • Provide the bike registration number, serial number, make, model, size and color.


Silver Bicycle Friendly shield with dates 2017 - 2021