Bicycle Registration

Registering Your Bicycle

Parking and Transportation provides a voluntary FREE registration program to all students, faculty and staff. Registration offers the following advantages:

  • Serves as a deterrent to theft.
  • Assists in the identification of lost or stolen bicycles.
  • Unregistered bicycles found in violation of University parking regulations will be immobilized or impounded.
  • Allows the University to better plan for improved bicycle parking on campus.

1.  You can register your bicycle online or at Parking Services. Please have your manufacturer's/serial number with you to help better identify your bicycle. 

2.  You will receive a registration decal which must be permanently and visibly affixed to the bicycle's down or seat tube.

3.  If you sell or give your bicycle to someone, report it immediately to Parking Services so you are not held liable for any violations issued to the bicycle. Fill out the Bicycle Report of Transfer Form and return it to our office.

Bicycle Image detailing serial number locations