Bionic Bus Service Boundaries

CAMBUS Bionic Bus Service Boundaries

Bionic Bus Service Boundaries Map

Normal Bionic Service will be within the solid black lines, including UI Research Park campus.

North Boundary: Interstate 80

East Boundary: First Avenue, Iowa City

South Boundary: Highway 1

West Boundary: Highway 218/Camp Cardinal Boulevard, Coralville

Bionic will only provide service to the Coral Ridge Mall area on weekends only (area within the dotted black lines). Riders will be limited to one round-trip ride to this area per weekend.

Addresses along the boundaries, such as Walmart and Hy-Vee, will still be approved service locations. Towncrest Medical Center just east of First Avenue will also be an approved location.

If you would like to request a ride to or from a location outside of these boundaries, please contact Johnson County SEATS at (319) 339-6128.

If you have questions about the boundaries please email or call (319) 335-8633.