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$16.50/hour starting pay

with raises every 6 months

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Flexible schedules

easily balance work and school

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Paid training

at your own pace - including getting your CDL!

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Experience that stands out

build skills in teamwork, communication, and leadership.

Flexible schedule

Great pay and raises

Advancement opportunities

Unique, Friendly, and Fun!

CAMBUS offers a fun job where employees meet fellow students and serve the university community.

CAMBUS Employment Information

Convenient Location

CAMBUS is always looking for friendly people

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Read why students love working for CAMBUS.

student mechanic in uniform smiling to the camera

Jason R., student mechanic

"Don't hesitate. This is the best job you will ever have.  Period."

student poses smiling at camera

Marika K., driver

"You can make your own flexible schedule that works for you and meet a lot of great people.  I am confident the skills I learned working for CAMBUS will help me in my future endeavors."

student in graduation cap and gown poses next to a CAMBUS

Heelah N., student mechanic

"CAMBUS was my greatest college decision.  I gained leadership experience and met my best friends."

employee wearing graduation cap and gown poses in front of a bus

Maddy W., training supervisor

"Working at CAMBUS helped me improve my communication and leadership skills while making lasting relationships.  Simply the best job on campus!"

smiling student in graduation cap and gown

Alison S., dispatcher

"CAMBUS is a great way to improve the college experience.  It helped me gain confidence and the work environment is very inviting."

cambus employee smiling for the camera

Estevan C., driver

"CAMBUS is such a fun and unique job.  I get to feel like I'm doing something important even though I'm just driving people around."

"CAMBUS has helped me work in a variety of settings and helps me feel confident when working with a team or on my own." 

- Noah H., driver

"My time as a student mechanic has taught me more life skills than I ever knew I needed. I have the full-time mechanics to thank for that." 

-Jordan M., student mechanic

"You will meet people who share your interests, as well as those who can teach you something new. You'll never find a better job on campus."

- Austin B., dispatch and bionic assistant

"Working at CAMBUS will change your life.  I met my closest friends, discovered my passions, and learned more than any class could ever teach me." 

- Bryan M., dispatch and bionic supervisor

"It is a super flexible job that works great with the schedule of a full-time student at the University of Iowa and there are a lot of opportunities for promotions as well."

-Tanner K., student maintenance supervisor

"Working for CAMBUS sometimes doesn't even feel like a job - you work with great people and it has an extremely enjoyable atmosphere, plus all the flexibility you need as a student."

- Olivia G., driver

Apply Today

Applying to CAMBUS is easy. Follow one of the two steps below to submit your application. 

  1. Utilize any of the "Apply Today" buttons on this page to access the online application.
  2. A downloadable PDF application is available. Simply print, fill out, and drop off at West Campus Transportation Center. To request a PDF application, please contact us at cambus-transit@uiowa.edu.

Applicant Information

All applicants are subject to a driving record check.  CAMBUS participates in federally mandated drug and alcohol screening.

Need More Information?

For any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact us! 

Call (319) 335-8633 or email CAMBUS for more information.