April 13, 2018 Meeting


Friday, April 13, 2018


Parking and Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda

Friday, April 13, 2018


West Campus Transportation Center, room 220

  1. Approval of Meeting Minutes – 3/23/18
  2. PARCS Update
  3. Bike Share update
  4. East Campus Parking Discussion
  5. Vanpool and Fleet Services RFPs
  6. Slidr


Parking and Transportation Committee

Meeting Minutes



Members Present:            John Fuller, Kris Halter, Jessie Hinrichs, Connor Krajicek, Kathy Lavezzo, Scott Roberts, Gustave Stewart and June Tai

Staff/Others Present:       Jim Sayre, Erin Shane, Brian McClatchey and Jim Stoner

Members/Staff Absent:   Doug Moore, Tavian Stilwell and Carrie Brus


Meeting begins at 3:34pm.  Meeting minutes were approved by the committee as presented.


PARCS update

• Long time install

• 30 day acceptance started but was stopped

• Some modules are not functioning

• Not much impact to customer

• Cycle of fix it but then have regressions on other things

• Hopeful that next 30 day acceptance window will occur in next 60 days

• Automating validations for customers has slowed down to make sure system can handle

• PT has a unique and complex system due to our setup with customers

• Are worried about the system

    Bike Share update

    • Out for RFP now – due 4/26/18

    • System is dockless – so you pay on bike

    • Looking forward to responses we receive

    • Uber just bought Jump

    • System is no cost to the University

    • Chosen vendor will decide how many bikes are provided for our system

    • City has compiled review team – Michelle, Jim from PT plus other City representatives

    • No students on committee – process is managed by City of Iowa City

      Fieldhouse Parking email from UISG (Gustave and Kris)

      • Student parking at Field House ramp for class - they live off campus

      • Classes at Field House are 50 minutes

      • Student unhappy that they pay more than 1 hour for parking

      • Student is waiting to get out and time goes beyond an hour.

      • So have to pay $1.80 when they believe they only should get charged 1 hour ($.60)

      • Cost goes from $.60 an hour to $1.80 for 2 hours (free 30 min, then $.60 for next ½ hour, then $1.20 per hour after 1st hour)

      • PT provides 30 minute grace with the first 30 minutes

      • First 30 minutes are free

      •Serves short term trips

      • Committee wants to think about instituting a grace period

      • Suggest a 5 minute grace period

      • PT can consider

      • Confusing to pay ½ of first hour – then jump to $1.20 an hour after 1st hour

      • Students are sensitive to price

      • Jim promised a look at the issue and will report back

        East Campus Parking Discussion

        • Handout

        • Talked about full status at east side facilities

        • Sometimes all east side facilities are full at same time

        • Most facilities have employee / public mix – North Campus Ramp, Lot 3 and Lot 11

        • Counts are shifted to public / students when possible, like Friday afternoons

        • If we did not build more parking –

        • Who do we focus on for needs?

        • How to manage demand – how to curb demand

        • Campus Development Team is looking at the issue

        • We have issues in Lot 3

        • Currently provide a student rate of $.70 per hour

        • Students willing to wait in line to get into Lot 3

        • We also allowed students to have an access card

        • Also makes exit quicker and less idling

        • Card was issued because UISG wanted it

        • But we have heard that students like to pay as they go – not necessarily putting on a card

        • There are issues where students can’t take transit because live off campus – but that is a low percentage

        • Question to the Committee – what should we do?

        • Could Hancher accommodate moving employees out of east side – received mixed reaction

        • PT would need to build something to accommodate an employee relocation from east side

        • Since UI has capped freshman – will that have an effect on parking?

        • Brian says that Transit usage is down

        • Students are driving and more employees are driving

        • General Committee comments / ideas

        • Special events – should be bussed in and set tone up front to take transit

        • Staff should stay in lots near campus – they are being paid less and asked to do more – so this would not be fair

        • Committee says raise prices at Lot 3 to curb demand of students and then build elsewhere

        • Several committee members agreed with this idea

        • North Campus Ramp – reduce staff parking and create more public parking space for events

        • Could you have student rate somewhere else? Yes

        • Expand meters at Hancher

        • Different parking culture for East / West campus – common for west campus to be bussed to parking. Not common for east side.

        • Talked about lot 3 and lot 11 ramp development

        • Cost analysis for Lot 11 did not work out because proved that would not pay for itself with just employee permits

        • How to get more students on buses?

        • If we had an east side CAMBUS route – that would get more awareness

        • Already have a city route in the area – but CAMBUS could do this

        • Culture against it

        • Put it on U bill

        • Have a pass that would use public transit

        • Bongo does not work well

        • Weather plays a factor

        • There is not a system wide map for CAMBUS; will soon be able to use Google Transit

        • Talked about joint study with City of IC and Coralville

          Construction Moratorium

          • Cambus Maintenance Facility project delayed

          • Have to give back grant funds

          • Anything already bid will happen

          • Impactful across campus

          • Talked about budget cuts

            Vanpool and Fleet Services RFP

            • Fleet RFP is out

            • Got 17 questions from vendors; have a few days to respond

            • Jim will report back to Committee on process  

            • Vanpool RFP still in draft mode  


              • Free ride in electric vehicle

              • Like Uber

              • Make money off of advertising in car and on outside

              • Driver makes money off tips

              • Short distance, last mile rides

              • Don’t go over 35 MPH

              • Have an app

              • There are competitors

              • They do have a geofence

                Meeting adjourned at 4:50pm