April 14, 2014 Meeting


Monday, April 14, 2014


Parking and Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda

Monday, April 14, 2014

3:30-5:00 p.m.

West Campus Transportation Center, room 220

1)      Project Updates

a. Hospital Ramp 2


c. Deloitte Review

d. LED Lighting/Newton Road Ramp

e. CAMBUS has new buses in service

f. Field Services use of Smartphones


2)     Motorcycles



Parking and Transportation Committee

Meeting Minutes


Members Present:   Joseph Chen, Connor Einck, David Etler, John Fuller, Kris Halter, Paul Hanley, Joyce Murphy, Matthew Peirce and Matthew Tarnoff

Staff Present:   Mary Jane Beach, Brian McClatchey, Dave Ricketts, Jim Sayre and Carrie Brus

Meeting called to order at 3:35pm. 

WCTC Artwork

• Dave showcased the artwork proposal from Susan C. White

• A portion of the budget for new state buildings must go towards artwork

• Susan is a member of the faculty in the Art & Art History Department at UI

• The artwork should be completed during the Fall 2014

• Susan will create the art at an off-site location and it will hang above the stairs/escalator in the WCTC

Hospital Ramp 2

• Slightly behind schedule due to weather issues, estimated completion date is April 1, 2015

• The underground structure is post-tension where the cables are tightened to form the structure

• Testing happens on a routine basis to make sure the facility is safe


• Infrastructure package bids to include conduits/data jacks is due back on April 16

• Work on the infrastructure package is scheduled to begin May 1

• Equipment installation is scheduled to begin on June 16

• By mid/late December, the installation should be complete

• Start with non-cashiered facilities to work out any issues

• The project will provide new equipment to 110 lanes, 90 gates and approximately 250 pieces of equipment

• Each location will incorporate an intercom functionality that can go back to Parking Dispatch for assistance

Deloitte Review

• The Board of Regents requested a review to look for efficiencies/savings

• Documents were submitted during the week of Spring Break

• Need to be prepared if we should receive a reallocation, not expecting one though

• The review is looking for large dollars in savings

LED Lighting

• Currently have approximately 1,400 spaces lit with LED Lighting

• LED Lighting will provide energy savings and longer replacement times

• More technology is associated with this type of lighting

• Extremely hot at close range

• Newton Road Ramp and the new Hospital Ramp 2 are scheduled to have LED Lighting, providing 1,400 interior spaces with LED Lighting

CAMBUS, new buses

• Last fall, CAMBUS acquired 5 new buses

• Replacements for buses that were 16-17 years old

• 2 full-size buses, at a cost of 395,000 each

• 3 30’ buses, at a cost of 380,000 each

• The 30’ buses will replace Bionic buses, but will be dual-use vehicles and run some big bus routes at appropriate times

• New buses are equipped with clean diesel/more technology which makes them cost more, but are better for the environment

• DEF reduces emissions by breaking down the particulates, usually adds 40,000 to the price of the bus

• Leads to 10-15% increase in fuel economy

CAMBUS, ridership update

• Overall ridership has increased 5% over last year (4.5 million rides)

• Hawkeye Routes are down due to construction at Hawkeye Court

• Red/Blue Routes—both routes have increased 15% over last year

• East Campus Shuttle—route modified due to construction on Court Street—increased 70% over last year

Field Services use of Smartphones

• Samsung Galaxy Note III

• Blue Tooth Printer (located on the belt)

• Give the staff more real-time advantages

• Pay-by-phone; Pay-by-App; License Plate Recognition


• Attached handout on discussion items

• Permits saw a new high in FY 13, but there has been a decline so far in FY 2014

• Iowa City does sell motorcycle permits—may be a factor

• UI conducts motorcycle count surveys in the fall at four different times during the day

• The count surveys allow the capture of interesting data on motorcycle parking utilization

• Over time, the UI has put motorcycle parking where there was space available

• Some of that space has been taken away for various reasons

• Motorcycles have issues with parking on asphalt

• Feedback from the committee

• Are there enough spaces for the demand?

• Concerns from the public who don’t have a motorcycle permit

• Parking in Hospital Ramps without paying

• Issue lot-specific permits—make more than one location available

• Demand for space is weather driven

• Safety concerns—do we want to encourage mopeds to get all over campus?

• What if the regulations are too extensive and everyone decides to drive cars?

• Intercampus driving for on-campus or coming from off-campus

• Electric bicycles could be a game changer once they arrive in the US

• What if there was an ala-carte menu to choose lots you use all the time? 

• Price each lot or group them together in a package

• Need to have flexibility for changing schedules

• If you assign to specific lots, are you taking on Athletics?

• Whatever measures are taken will impact safety, directly or indirectly

• Placement of the lots would have an indirect impact on safety

• If motorcycle spaces are made available closer to residences, storage may become less of a problem


This was the final meeting of the 2013-2014 year.  We may attempt to schedule a meeting over the summer months to continue the discussion on motorcycles.  Look for that within the next 30 days. 

Thank you for your time on this committee. 

Meeting adjourned at 5:05pm.