April 14, 2015 Meeting


Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Parking and Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

3:30-5:00 p.m.

West Campus Transportation Center, room 220


  1. Approval of Meeting Minutes for March 31, 2015
  2. Last meeting of the semester; last meeting for our chair, Joyce Murphy
  3. Bicycle/Motorcycle Parking
  4. Lot 21 enforcement
  5. Project Updates
  6. Parking Financial Review


Parking and Transportation Committee

Meeting Minutes


Members Present:                              John Fuller, Kris Halter, Paul Hanley, Joyce Murphy and Jason Rantanen

Staff/Others Present:                          Mary Jane Beach, Dave Ricketts, Jim Sayre and Carrie Brus

Members/Staff Absent:                      Andrew Fiszer, Nikki Hodous, Andrew Lynch, Brian McClatchey and Matthew Noftsger

Meeting was called to order at 3:32pm.

Last meeting of the semester

• Last meeting for the chair of this committee, Joyce Murphy

• Joyce volunteered to be a member of this committee, but the chair position was an appointment.

• Dave thanked Joyce for her service to the committee

Meeting Minutes

• A motion to approve was made and seconded; all members approved the minutes as submitted

Lot 21; Pappajohn Business Building

• Daytime parking is for permits only; otherwise, you must pay the meter or use the NW privileges that come with your permit

• Currently, the space is filling on nights and weekends; spaces are four-hour meters

• Need a more organized approach to enforcement


• Peak times are very popular; expanded interest from Aspire and the new construction at the former Harapat site across from CRWC

Project Updates

• Project Manager position; completed interviews last week and have some viable candidates

• Grand Avenue Project

• Filling in the tunnels (age and wear)

• Next month, the eastbound travel lane will close; plan is to close this area the week after graduation

• CAMBUS will need to continue on Melrose instead of turning onto Grand Avenue

• Emergency Generation Power Plant

• Cannot have close to UIHC

• Created a ductbank; end is located just beyond the Finkbine Parking Lot (Lot 65)

• Diesel powered; natural gas is too slow; must be able to accept diesel deliveries

• West Campus Power Plant

• Generation of steam to supply heat and operate the Chilled Water Plant

• Staff will work in this facility on a daily basis

• Start with natural gas; low traffic

• Could become a biofuel system; very high traffic

• Overall, a $75 million project

• Reconstruction of Hawkins Drive

• Likely to take place next Summer (2016)

• Need to improve roads and the geometry of the Hawkins/2nd Street intersection

• Need to improve traffic flow

• Need to create a sidewalk along Hawkins Drive for pedestrians

• All are results of a previous Traffic Study

• Aspire; ready to proceed with Phase 2; new buildings are slated to open in Fall 2016

• Madison Street Residence Hall

• Area has been demolished

• Almost ready to start construction

• New site will have connections to Cleary Walkway and Parking Ramp

• Peterson Residence Hall

• Scheduled to open in the Fall 2015

• Quad is scheduled to remain open in the Fall 2015

• Previously thought Quad would close when Peterson opened

• Gain of 501 beds; more foot traffic for CAMBUS routes at Slater/Rienow stops

• Working with CAMBUS to develop plan to accommodate more students

• Med Labs/Bowen Science

• Restrict vehicle access; Parking and Transportation will enforce

• Installation of removable bollards and appropriate signage

• Will have an approval process for vehicles that need access to this area

• Pappajohn Biomedical Discovery Building (PBDB)

• Working on a bus stop shelter; drawings are ready to go; has been sent out for contractor bids

• Ramp Maintenance Project

• Majority of the project is in North Campus Ramp; waterproofing membrane

• Retrofitting lights in Newton Road Ramp with the new LED light fixtures

• Hospital Ramp 3 is next for this project; Lot 21 or IMU Parking Ramp could be after that

• Ultimately, all parking facility light fixtures would contain LED lights

• Rooftop lights would all get replaced at the same time due to additional cost

• Hospital Parking Ramp 2

• Last significant concrete pours happen in a couple of weeks

• Ceiling height will be a minimum of 8’2”; ceilings and walls are all stained white

• Projected to open sometime in August 2015; will be dependent on some aspects of Children’s Hospital


• Newton Road Ramp; have added space, but looking for additional space near the permit only exit

• North of IATL; added some space

• Chemistry Building; would like to eliminate that space due to safety concerns

• New permits will include a combination permit for motorcycles and automobiles

• Would allow permit holders to buy one combination permit and transfer amongst vehicles

• Athletics/Indoor Practice Facility; space on either side of the new facility

• Overall numbers have dropped the past two years

• Mopeds are not allowed to park at bicycle racks

Parking Financial Review (handouts)

• Assumptions made prior to previous rate increase

• Slow growth for permits

• UIHC moving units away from the main campus (IRL)

• Slow growth of staff wages

• Lose lots due to construction projects

• Steady demand

• Cashiering

• 40-45% of parking revenues

• Automation of GME/Night and Weekend programs

• Not too much growth to gain additional income

• Decline in Van Pool Program

• Early Retirement programs

• UIHC move out to Research Park (Fall 2015)

• Low gas prices

• On the cusp of some very nice end-user improvements

• No growth in the Bus Pass/U-PASS program

• What do we think we need moving forward?

• Will show assumptions/projections

• Where to put funds into?

• Increase the discount given to the Bus Pass or Van Pool program?

• Put more funding towards bicycles?

• Open to other suggestions

Other Items

• Park and Ride along the Corridor

• Looking at options; Dave does not see big things happening

• Influx of new students on campus

• Bump in assignments at Hancher due to new Art Building; possibly from new Music Building

• Option to add 166 spaces at Hancher

• Bicycle Advisory Committee

• Bike Share Program

• Will send out a survey soon

• Possibly out there by next year, Spring or Fall 2016

• Electric bicycles

This is the final meeting of the year; likely to meet over the summer though. 

Meeting adjourned at 4:46pm.