April 5, 2019 Meeting


Friday, April 5, 2019


Parking and Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda

Friday, April 5, 2019


West Campus Transportation Center, room 220

  1. Meeting Minutes Review and Approval, 3/8/19
  2. Last meeting of the semester
  3. Bicycle Donation update
  4. Bike share update
  5. Hawk Lot Constituent Feedback
  6. SafeRide service change proposal
  7. Commuter Programs Marketing, Unpark Yourself
  8. E-Scooters, committee recommendation moving forward


Parking and Transportation Committee

Meeting Minutes


Pending Approval


Members Present:             Armando Duarte, John Fuller, Kris Halter, Jessie Hinrichs, June Tai, Austin Wu, Kevin Zihlman

Staff/Others Present:         Brian McClatchey, Michelle Ribble, Erin Shane, Debby Zumbach and Carrie Brus   

Members/Staff Absent:     Eden Dewald, Ioannis Koutsonkolis and Gustave Stewart


Meeting Minutes were approved as submitted


• Previously linked with Bike Share

• Received inquiries, pressure

• Need to be prepared

• Legislation—Senate Study Bill 1024

• UI asked for age limitations, own policies drafted on campus

What are other communities doing? 

• Majority are allowing them

• Ride in the bike lanes, not on the sidewalk

• Iowa State - Moratorium until they can review policies in the fall

• Oregon-ban on rented electric scooters


• Students already have personal e-scooters on campus

• Oblivious to surroundings

• Distractions (texting, headphones)

• No long-term maintenance plan

• Clutter issue

• Placement on campus; some are just tossed everywhere

• Inhibit use of CAMBUS

• Is it just a fad?

• Interaction with pedestrians

• Do we have the transportation infrastructure to support e-scooters?

• Concern for a vendor just bringing them to campus

• Safety issues amongst transit operators especially about e-scooters; not so much about e-bicycles

• We are a more open campus than some of these examples of other schools

• Need to have regulations for privately-issued e-scooters even if we don’t have a vendor on campus


• Would they help reduce parking demand?

• How to handle e-scooters?

• How long will these vendors exist for?

• How to handle the vendors?


• Signage

• Dismount zones

• Space issue for where they would even park

• Parking at bicycle racks; keep them orderly

• Costs of regulating differently than bikes (i.e. additional signage and enforcement)

City of Iowa City

• Possible ordinances to handle personal e-scooters already here

• What does the City plan to do? 

• Would be difficult if we decide to do something different

• Critical that the University and City are in lock step in all things e-scooter.  Our issues are their issues.


• How should e-bicycles be treated?

• Bicycles vs mopeds?

• Better for commuting?

• More support for e-bicycles


• Public Safety will need to weigh in

• How would enforcement even work?

• Enforcement, same or different for bikes, e-bicycles, and e-scooters?

• For bikes, UIPD issues violations for operating regulations while P&T issues violations for parking issues

• Should regulations for bikes be reconsidered on campus sidewalks?

Group discussed the possibility of putting a motion out there

• Some ideas brought forth during discussion

• The issues seem to outweigh the benefits

• Not desirable

• What does a ban look like?

• How to implement a ban on commercial vs personal issued e-scooters?

• Indefinite ban on campus for e-scooters?

• Indefinite ban on companies for sure

• Some support for a complete ban; no distinction between personal and commercial

• Some support for what Oregon has put forth

• Motion to ban commercial e-scooters on campus property in order for University to develop appropriate response, regulations and policies for e-scooters

Hawk Lot Constituent Feedback

• A customer contacted a member of this committee with some concerns with Hawkeye Commuter Lot

• Bad winter waiting for CAMBUS to arrive

• No restroom option

• Bongo, timeliness of buses

• Need for trash cans

• Comments from the group related to these concerns

• Building a new shelter at Hawk Lot; significant improvement to this location

• Restrooms are cost prohibitive at this location

• Reduction of trash cans on campus

• Going to add trash cans at Hawkeye Commuter, Finkbine Commuter and Arena Commuter Lot

• Looking into recycling as well within a few weeks

• Might want to include some level of instruction on what can go in each container

• Bongo

• Need to look into feedback further

• Improvements have been made with predictions

• Look at the map vs the predictions

• Talking with Synchromatics about using a different app

• For trip planning, Google Transit is an option

• CityMapper and Moovit—other apps members use

Unpark Yourself

• Awareness campaign that will re-brand the options

• Marketing phase now

• Action phase is next

• Interaction on social media; want to start conversations with people


• Something new for Parking and Transportation

• Goal is to have visibility

• Need to promote our services

• We can provide some direction for students or employees about what option makes sense

• Presence at New Employee Orientation and Freshman Orientation

Bike Share Update

• City negotiations broke down; walked away from the table

• Looking at some new vendors

• Any future contract will come down to the details

• Changing so fast

Bicycle Donation Update

• Recommendation--Bicycle Repair Station near Catlett Hall

• Sitting with the Foundation right now

CAMBUS SafeRide Service Proposal

• Late night service on Friday and Saturday nights until about 2:15am during the Academic Year

• Ridership is down

• Some reasons could be Uber, Lyft, expansion of the Nite Ride service, the 21-ordinance in Iowa City

• Change to Interdorm Route vs Red and Blue Route

• Interdorm route would increase frequency and is more familiar to students

• Newton Road/Hancher area would be a population excluded by this change, a small amount of rides

• Any potential changes would likely happen in the fall

• General support for this change from the group

Corridor Corporate Games

• Coming soon

• Activities to promote health; contact Jessie Hinrichs if you have any questions

Last meeting of the semester

• Last meeting for Kris Halter and Dr. Fuller, both have been members since 2013

Meeting adjourned at 5:02pm