April 7, 2017 Meeting


Friday, April 7, 2017


Parking and Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda

Friday, April 7, 2017


West Campus Transportation Center, room 220

  1. Approval of Meeting Minutes from 2/24/17
  2. Project Updates:  HR3/Kinnick Project
  3. Project Updates:  Ramp Barriers
  4. Synchromatics
  5. Tesla for National Advanced Driving Simulator (NADS)
  6. Public Parking Revenues
  7. Parking Demand
  8. Final meeting of the semester


Parking and Transportation Committee

Meeting Minutes


Pending Approval


Members Present:                        John Fuller, Kris Halter, Kathy Lavezzo, Doug Moore and Scott Roberts

Staff/Others Present:                   Brian McClatchey, Dave Ricketts, Jim Sayre, Greg Schmitt, Erin Shane and Carrie Brus

Members/Staff Absent:               Sara Bultsma, Connor Gronski, Becky Kick, Jason Pierce-Vazquez, Jason Rantanen, Jim Stoner and Debby Zumbach


Meeting began at 2:50pm.  We do not have a majority present.  We will have to table the minutes until the next meeting. 


Project Updates

• Erin Shane, Project Manager for Parking and Transportation


Ramp Barriers

• Will not discuss today

• Still sorting out some details; not ready to present on that today


Kinnick North End Zone/HR3

• Three phases

• Preliminary site utility project

• Phase began on Monday; will last approximately nine weeks (around June 9)

• One lane of Evashevski open

• South lanes of HR3 are closed

• Replacing turf inside Kinnick Stadium

• Phase Two

• Phase Three

• Tear down North End Zone

• November 2017-August 2019

• Evashevski will be closed

• Temporary light will return at Melrose

• Details are still being worked out for how this will impact football gamedays

• Will be able to have one lane of entry on Evashevski into HR3 during long phase

• More details will come in the Fall 2017


Hancher Commuter Parking Lot

• Break ground next week on section M

• Final expansion of this parking lot; approximately 205 spaces

• Expand the commuter portion of this parking lot

• Relocate CAMBUS shelters south

• Unable to continue the road due to FEMA restrictions

• Will have to come back in the future to do that work



• Kathy joined us today; replacement for Marianne Smith


Fleet Services

• Fleet will add a Tesla for use by NADS (National Advanced Driving Simulator)

• Effort to bring autonomous vehicles to campus for use in research


    License Plate Recognition

    • Vehicle with cameras

    • Working out some of the issues right now



      • Back end structure comes from Next Bus, had contract for five years

      • Synchromatics is the new vendor

      • Not fully functional right now

      • User interface is unchanged

      • Data is coming from a different source

      • Put out an RFP; received ten proposals

      • Brian and Greg are here to show the group what Synchromatics looks like so far

      • Old system updated around every 30 seconds

      • Synchromatics updates every six seconds

      • CAMBUS has 28 active buses at peak

      • Stop Announcement

      • Public transit is required to announce at least primary stops

      • Very nice enhancement

      • Monitor inside the bus to display the stop names

      • Counts

      • Manual clicker when people get on the bus

      • Driver notes that number at the end of each round; no specific data by stop

      • Synchromatics will record this data by stop through the mobile data terminal (MDT)

      • More control over what information is pushed out to the public

      • Can update information on this end (construction, re-routes, etc)


      UI RideShare Update

      • Handout

      • Need to survey users to find out how they are using it

      • Likely to do that sometime in the Fall 2017

      • John Fuller needs more cards


       Hospital Ramps

      • Handout

      • Hospital Ramp 2 came down—December 2012

      • New Hospital Ramp 2 opened—December 2015

      • Displaced over 1,000 employees during this construction period

      • Seeing more transactions and longer stay times overall

      • Future plans for ramps

      • IMU Parking Ramp; due to current climate, no plans are likely


      What is coming for the fall? 

      • Parking Rates

      • Parking Capacity

      • Utilization

      • Employee usage in the ramps

      • Permits; on the verge of filling Hawkeye (commuter/storage)

      • Looking at potential for use of Lot 45/71 (Hall of Fame)

      • Finkbine Bridge Study underway

      • Catlett Hall opens in August; approximately 1,000 beds


        Meeting concluded at 4:15pm.  This was the last meeting of the semester.