December 2, 2016 Meeting


Friday, December 2, 2016


Parking and Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda

Friday, December 2, 2016


West Campus Transportation Center, room 220


Parking and Transportation Committee

Meeting Minutes


Members Present: Kris Halter, Becky Kick, Jason Pierce-Vazquez and Scott Roberts

Staff/Others Present: Brian McClatchey, Dave Ricketts and Carrie Brus

Members/Staff Absent: Sara Bultsma, John Fuller, Connor Gronski, Doug Moore, Jason Rantanen, Jim Sayre, Marianne Smith and Debby Zumbach


The meeting began at 3:04pm. Due to lack of attendance, the group will table approval of meeting minutes until next time.


UI RideShare

• Handout provided with the latest update on UI RideShare

• Considering a survey in the spring

• Working out the details to put a link on the HawkTools App, currently on their websit


    CAMBUS Service Changes


    Changes began this week

    • Disconnect the stop at Mayflower from Hawkeye Interdorm

    • Added a Mayflower Shuttle

    • Start Interdorm route 30 minutes early


    Hawkeye Interdorm Route

    • Overall route has improved to 89% on-time performance (from 60%)

    • Service to Hawkeye has improved to 91% on-time performance (from 55%)

    • Service to Downtown has improved to 92% on-time performance (from 66%)

    • On-time performance is indicated by less than five minutes late to a stop


    Project Updates


    Kinnick North End Zone Project

    • Initial work—six weeks in early 2017

    • Larger impact begins in November 2017

    • Huge impact to Evashevski Drive for nearly two years


    Hospital Ramp 1 Covered Bicycle Parking

    •Equipment has arrived; should be installed this month sometime


    Lot 11 Boiler Project

    • Need to replace boiler on the east campus, but it won’t be ready for winter season

    • Need to install a temporary boiler to fill in the gap

    • The temporary boiler will be installed in Lot 11

    • Had to displace permit holders for this project

    • Approximately 110 permit holders were displaced to the Court Street Ramp

    • Lost east entrance until the building goes up

    • Added to the current capacity issues we already have on the east side for special events

    • We will also lose Lot 2 near Seashore Hall for the Psychology Building project (spring 2017)


    Children’s Hospital

    • Opening has been delayed until approximately late January/early February; no exact date has been announced


    Student Park Card

    • Use of card to charge hourly parking fees to the student’s University Bill

    • Starting in the Library Lot once the program is ready to go

    • Those you have a Day Permit will be able to take advantage of this program in the Library Lot


    Ramp Barrier Project

    • Contractor has been selected for this project

    • Work scheduled to begin in spring 2017

    • Work will take place at Hospital Ramp 4 and Newton Road Ramp


    Lighting Upgrades

    • Conversion to LED Lighting

    • Conversion has happened at Newton Road Ramp, North Campus Ramp, CAMBUS Maintenance Facility, Hospital Ramp 2 and Hospital Ramp 3

    • Conversion is scheduled for spring 2017 at these locations:

    • Hospital Ramp 4

    • Family Care Center

    • Field House


    Transportation Demand Management

    • Working philosophy that not everyone that comes to campus can drive to campus

    • It is necessary to encourage people to seek the alternative ways to get to campus

    • Some of those being:

    • Bicycle

    • Van Pool

    • Transit

    • UI RideShare

    Towing is about changing behavior

    • The policy is to tow after a vehicle has accrued more than $200 in violations within an academic year

    • Compile stats on towing for a future meeting

    Metered Parking

    • Currently, all UI parking meters are coin only

    • Looking at the possibility of an app that would allow for payment of that space


    Bicycle/Pedestrian Safety

    Van Allen/Seashore Hall

    • Sidewalk in between two buildings is an issue

    • This area is being used as a cut-through for bicycles, pedestrians and skateboarders

    • There are real concerns about the safety in this area

    Some highlights of the group discussion are as follows:

    • Infrastructure changes (tend to be very expensive)

    • Cultural changes

    • Involvement of advisory groups on campus (Bicycle Advisory Committee/Campus Planning Committee)

    • Rules that are widely accepted/create a cultural norm

    • What is acceptable?

    • What are the rules?

    • Speed

    • Signing/Intent

    • Follow the laws

    • Are there consequences?

    • Restrict vehicle access in pedestrian-heavy areas?

    • Creation of more dismount zones?

    • What is the criteria for that?

    • Mid-Block Crossings

    • Share the Road Signage

    • What is the message?

    • Needs to be universal

    • Everyone Matters

    • All In

    • All the same

    • All Iowa

    • No one has priority over the other

    • Treat others as you would want to be treated

    • Be Courteous

    • Conscious of your actions

    • Eliminate distractions

    How to get the message out there

    • Could we include information during permit renewal/new permit issuance?  Incorporate into the Orientation packet.