December 4, 2012 Meeting


Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Parking and Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda
Tuesday, December 4, 2012
3:30-5:00 p.m.
West Campus Transportation Center, room 220

1. Approval of Meeting Minutes from 11/6/12
2. Project Updates

  1. Moving 500+ permit holders in anticipation of Hospital Ramp 2 demolition
  2. Lot 43 North
  3. Lot 49 opening
  4. Cambus Office demolition
  5. West Campus Transportation Center (tour)
  6. Field House/Hospital Ramp 4 Modifications
  7. NW Automation

3. Update on Parking Rate increases
4. Scheduling Meeting Dates for Spring Semester


Parking and Transportation Committee
Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Ray Haas, Frauke Bleher, Joseph Chen, David Etler, Paul Hanley, Connor Einck and Matthew Tarnoff
Staff Present: Mary Jane Beach, Dave Ricketts, Jim Sayre and Carrie Brus
Members/Staff Absent: Caleb Brown, Brian McClatchey, Joyce Murphy and Andrea Pyburn

The meeting was called to order at 3:35pm in room 220 at the West Campus Transportation Center by chair Ray Haas.

Ray Haas introduced himself as the Chair of the Parking and Transportation Committee. Each member introduced themselves to the group.
Ray Haas asked if there were any changes to the minutes from our last meeting. Since there were none, Ray Haas asked if there was a motion to approve the minutes as presented here. Paul Hanley made the motion which was seconded by Matt Tarnoff. The minutes were approved by the committee.


Project Updates
--Parking & Transportation moved into the West Campus Transportation Center on November 16, 2012
--The Cambus Office was demolished on November 29, 2012
--Dave Ricketts talked the group through the Lot 43 handout detailing the activity/building surrounding Kinnick Stadium and Lot 43
--Hospital Ramp 2 will close on December 21 and come down in January 2013
--When Hospital Ramp 2 is demolished, we lose 660 parking spaces
--Lot 49 (Melrose Place Parking Lot)
--This new parking lot has 286 spaces
--There is a one-way gate on Melrose Place
--The light poles are lower and will provide LED lighting
--Field House
--A new road called Main Street will be constructed affecting the current layout of the Field House
--This project will impact the configuration of Hospital Ramp 4
--Lot 90 and Hospital Ramp 4 have been combined in order to maximize capacity of 1,017 spaces
--All traffic in this hybrid facility now exit on to Grand Avenue
--More exit lanes will be restored for use approximately December 14
--Bicycle parking is affected by the demolition of Hospital Ramp 2
--The plan is to relocate the affected bicycle parking to Family Care Center and Hospital Ramp 4
--Van Pools have been relocated to the Field House Lot
--Hospital Ramp 2 Demolition/Replacement
--Once Hospital Ramp 2 is demolished, an underground parking facility will go in its place
--The underground parking facility will be four (4) levels down and approximately 650 spaces
--Pappajohn Biomedical Discovery Building
--Scheduled for completion in 2014
--College of Public Health
--Currently open
Why is the CoPH bridge in need of so much work so soon after the construction project being complete?
--Flexible bridge
--Closed it to do some work
--Need to take a look at it further
--In anticipation of Hospital Ramp 2 coming down, permit holders were asked to move to either Lot 43 or Lot 49
--The surveys have been completed and the information has been compiled
--The permit exchanges happen this week
--Those that wanted to move to Lot 43 could not all do so due to space limitations
--Employees with significant seniority dates were asked to move this time
--Employees given their first choice to Lot 43 had seniority dates of 1969-1986 (26-43 years of service)
--Employees given their second choice go back to 1987
--At the conclusion of the construction activity, the goal is to move as many people back as possible.
--The ultimate goal would be to move everyone back that was displaced
--Iowa River Landing opened October 8, 2012
--The impact to parking on campus has been minimal, mostly affecting Family Care Center
--40% of the patient activity at the Iowa River Landing is new patients

Night and Weekend Automation Program
--400,000 transactions each year
--Transactions take place through a cashier
--Dave Ricketts demonstrated the online system in place right now
--Showed samples of NW transactions
--Majority of users follow the rules
--Once the employee is part of the automated program, they are able to view their monthly activity in the My Parking section of Self-Service
--Night and Weekend Program surpassed the GME Program in November in terms of volume
--What is the goal of this program?
--One of the goals is to automate this process to take the cashier out of the process
--One of the goals is to have everyone with NW privileges online in FY 2013 (current fiscal year)

Questions from the Committee
--What are the long-term plans for Lot 49?
--Here to stay and become an option just any other parking lot on campus once the dust settles
--Could Lot 49 have a parking ramp built on it?
--Yes, that would be a possibility down the road
--What are the long-term plans for Hospital Ramp 1?
--The facility is supposed to come down in the next phase of the UIHC Master Plan
--It depends on the schedule of the next new Hospital Tower
--How long can Hospital Ramp 1 go before it needs to come down?
--The longest it could probably last would be ten (10) years
--Will the underground parking ramp be expanded further than the 650 spaces?
--Yes. The underground facility is supposed to expand to the north and the next phases of the UIHC Master Plan develop

Travel to Work Survey
--Travel to Work Survey is out for responses until December 16
--Within the survey, No Car was not provided as an option

Parking Rate Increases
--Will submit to the Board of Regents in January /February 2013 for approval as part of the 5-year package originally submitted

Scheduling Future Meetings
--To facilitate scheduling of future meetings, we will try using Doodle Poll. An email will go out to the Committee members

The meeting was concluded with a walking tour of the newly occupied West Campus Transportation Center.