February 1, 2019 Meeting


Friday, February 1, 2019


Parking and Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda

Friday, February 1, 2019


West Campus Transportation Center, room 220


  1. Sustainability Discussion
  2. E-Scooters
  3. Bike Share Update
  4. Bike related donation
  5. Waitlist 2.0
  6. Capital Projects for Summer 2019
  7. Gates down 24/7 and cashier labor hour reduction


Parking and Transportation Committee

Meeting Minutes



Members Present:             Eden Dewald, Armando Duarte, John Fuller, Kris Halter, Jessie Hinrichs, Ioannis Koutsonkolis, Gustave Stewart,
                                               June Tai, Austin Wu

Staff/Others Present:         Jim Sayre, Erin Shane, Jim Stoner and Carrie Brus     

Members/Staff Absent:     Brian McClatchey, Kevin Zihlman, Debby Zumbach


Meeting begins at 3:35pm

Bike Related Donation

• Chair was contacted by the UI Foundation

• Donation came in to put forth towards something bicycle-related; any naming rights involved?

• Talking through ideas

• Should it go towards a current project or something new?

• Bike Lockers, College of Medicine campus

• Two-tier bicycle racks near UI Children’s Hospital

• Replacement/installation of bicycle repair stations

• Group likes all three ideas

• More to come on this

• Minutes approved from 11/2 meeting


• Customers are asking for these across the country

• Some of the same companies that provide scooters also provide bike share services

• Kick-off meeting held last week with campus stakeholders

• Should we allow e-scooters on this campus?

• Next steps would be to do some benchmarking and include representatives from Student Life and UISG in a discussion

• Current potential for legislation that would classify e-scooters as bicycles

• Weighing the risk of accidents

• Potential to restrict the speed

• Some concerns from the group

• Are they a long-term solution for campus or simply a fad?

• Use of third party to charge the scooters

• Safety and sustainability concerns

• What does the City have to say?  Would be difficult if they choose a different plan than the University

• What about when repairs are needed?  How does that work?

• Winter weather concerns, will they be rented out during the winter months?

• Where to park them?

• More to come on this as future discussions take place

Bike Share Update

• RFP process through the City of Iowa City

• Final contract negotiations with potential vendor

• Due to length of process, that potential vendor no longer supplies traditional bicycles; does provide electronic-assist bicycles

• Plan is for April 2019, but will this issue drag that out any?

Sustainable/Active Transportation Position

• Commuter Programs unit in Parking and Transportation

• Bicycle Intern within the Office of Sustainability

• Is there any interest?

• Feedback from the group

• Resources are needed to create such a position

• Within Parking and Transportation, Michelle leads the Commuter Programs unit

• Michelle does a lot of the things that are being asked about

• Is there a gap there? 

• Without the bicycle intern on board, yes

• Bicycle Friendly Universities

• Gold and Platinum status seems to have a dedicated presence/position

• Would be a departure from what we do within Parking and Transportation to dedicate the resources to bicycles/pedestrians

• Could this be a student position?

• Could this be a partnership with the Office of Sustainability?

• Current focus of this office is education

• Could there be a partnership with the City of Iowa City?

Parking Waitlist 2.0

• Full-Time employee parking operates on a waitlist

• Each lot has three lists, Faculty, Staff, ADA (employees with disabilities)

• Position on the list is based on employee seniority date, use of Central HR data

• Parts of this process are very manual on the back end

• Initiated a project to re-write the software program behind the scenes of the parking waitlist

• Goal is to reduce the inefficiencies; the hope is to increase movement on the waitlist

• Additional features are part of this project, currently under development; should begin testing later this month

AIMS/IPARC Synchronization

• Two separate systems

• One issues permits to employees; one issues access card

• This project will sync these systems together; able to catch any errors

• Huge undertaking, but huge success

Capital Projects – Summer 2019

Lot 14

• Use of pay stations only; no cashier booths

• Improve lighting layout, improve drainage, lot would remain gated

• Addition of sidewalk on South Grand

• Removing metered spaces nearby

• Removing motorcycle parking; relocating to metered parking location nearby

• Transition from end of life asphalt to concrete

• Question – loading zones for heavy equipment? 

Lot 55

• Hancher Commuter Lot

• Install LED lighting, increase ADA parking, more sidewalks

• Rebuild of western section with concrete

• Reorientation of parking stalls

• Stormwater Quality

• Removal and cleaning

• Control of water before it is released to the river

• Expensive process

Lot 39/85

• Hawkeye Commuter Lot

• Install new shelter, pre-fabricated

• On-demand heat, seating, LED lighting

• Increase ADA parking

• Sawtooth bus stalls, similar to WCTC

• Present to Campus Planning next month

CAMBUS Maintenance Facility Renovation

• Remodel floor plan, garage door replacement, update facades

• Larger break room, proper office space

• Will not allow for any facility expansion

• Begins in March

Annual Projects

• Ramp Maintenance; focus on Newton Road Ramp

• Minor repairs to IMU Ramp, Hospital Ramp 1 and Hospital Ramp 3

• Surface Lot Maintenance

• Seal coat work in Lot 33, 56

• Asphalt and concrete repair in Lot 15, 33, 43, 48, 56, 65 and Slater Hall

Gates Down 24/7

• Went live on January 2 in all facilities

• Process has gone well for us

• Student Night and Weekend Permit, reduced cost to $5 per month

• Reduction in labor hours; less shifts

• There is a quite a bit of turnover, fewer shifts to sign up for

• Labor cost savings will go towards capital projects

Future Meetings

• Today was Jim’s final meeting; a decision on how to fill the Director’s position has yet to be made

• Next meeting is Friday, March 8

Meeting adjourned at 4:58pm