February 23, 2018 Meeting


Friday, February 23, 2018


Parking and Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda

Friday, February 23, 2018


West Campus Transportation Center, room 220


  1. Committee Charter and discussion
  2. Parking and Transportation Financial update
  3. Project Updates
  4. Mobile parking meter payment update (Passport)
  5. Fleet Services RFP
  6. New tax law implications to Parking and Transportation
  7. Passenger Rail study update
  8. CAMBUS/Iowa City Transit/Coralville Transit update
  9. Motorcycle Permit Changes update


Parking and Transportation Committee

Meeting Minutes



Members Present:              John Fuller, Kris Halter, Jessie Hinrichs, Kathy Lavezzo, Doug Moore, Scott Roberts, Gustave Stewart, Tavian Stillwell
                                                 and June Tai

Staff/Others Present:         Doug Flanagan, Jim Sayre, Erin Shane and Carrie Brus              

Members/Staff Absent:     Connor Krajicek and Brian McClatchey



• Doug Flanagan – substituting for Jim Stoner

    Committee Charter

    • Handout

    • Members are a resource for their co-workers to bring up questions

    • Feel free to bring up topics of interest (members)

    • Bicycle Advisory Committee

    • Storage needs for bicycles during academic breaks

    • Stolen bicycles

    • Possible idea for Bike Lockers across campus

    • Presentation to Campus Planning Committee in the near future

    • Bicycle Improvements

    • More of a priority in the future

      Parking Financial Update

      • Handouts--Budgets for Parking, Fleet and CAMBUS


      • Top section – Revenues

      • Permits

      • Hourly Parking

      • Bottom section – Expenses

      • Questions/Answers

      • Field Services revenues vs expenses

      • Does more than just write tickets

      • Support of van pool program

      • Locates for patients who cannot locate their vehicle

      • Motorist Assistance

      • Employees parking in hospital ramps

      • Working with UIHC to improve this process

      • Talk through the process

      • Parking space utilization

      • Transfer to CAMBUS

      • What happens to the net? 

      • Used for capital improvements

      • Net goes into a reserve account

      Fleet Services

      • Lease—long-term rental used by departments on campus

      • Rental—short-term rental similar to Enterprise

      • Fuel Island—fuel our own vehicles

      • Maintenance—most of maintenance is done in house

      • Starting the rate setting process for FY 2019

      • Every vehicle class has a life cycle

      • Vehicles are sold online now (E-Bay)

      • Where does that revenue show up in the budget?


      • Can only provide on-campus special services

      • Portion of budget comes from student fees

      • Advertisements inside buses

      • State and federal funds contribute to the CAMBUS budget

      • In the process of purchasing three new buses

      • Hybrid buses haven't been an option due to the Iowa Avenue bridge (low)

      • Alternative fuel buses?

      • Upgrades to the CAMBUS Maintenance Facility

      • Façade will be upgraded

      • Interior renovations will make a huge difference to the employees

      Project Updates

      Maintenance Projects

      • Surface Maintenance

      • Ramp Maintenance

      • Summer activity projects

      • Power washing

      • Striping the parking stalls

      • Other needed maintenance

      Ramp Barrier Project

      • Nearing completion; early March

      • Steel mesh paneling

      • Goal is to prevent bad decisions

      Hancher Commuter

      • Reconstruct portion near Theatre Building

      • Rehabilitation of the older sections (currently asphalt; reconstruction with concrete)

      Finkbine Commuter

      • Reconfiguration of the lot

      • Reorient section in the back section; space gain of 70 spaces

      • Addition of needed sidewalks

      IMU Parking Ramp

      • Aesthetic improvements

      • Could we incorporate Ramp Barrier improvements here?

        Fleet Services RFP

        • Look at the services that Fleet Services provides

        • Rental and Lease operations

          Tax Reform Implications

          • Commuter Benefit

          • Tax Manager at UI

          • His viewpoint is

          • Tax will be imposed on us for parking that is provided to employees on a pre-tax basis

          • If that is the case, we will have to pay the tax

          • Including this into the UBIT – Unrelated Business Income Tax

          • Need more information to discover impact

          • Could have an impact on parking rates and commuter programs

          Passenger Rail

          • Studies

          • Cedar Rapids to Iowa City on Crandic

          • North Liberty to Iowa City

          • Should we study this further?

          • What is the end point of this study?

          • What should be rider cost be?

          • Study will happen, development of scope

          • Great idea


          • Iowa City Chamber of Commerce

          • Legislative priorities

          • Consolidate local transit agencies

          • Hearing about difficulties in arriving at work in the metro area

          • What would be better?

          • Coordinate with each other regularly

          • More information to come

          • CAMBUS has a different mission than the city entities

          • It is about campus movement

          Motorcycle Parking

          • No changes at this time

          • Do we need Board of Regents approval to make these changes?

          • Waiting for an answer on this right now

            Meeting adjourned at 5:04pm