February 24, 2017 Meeting


Friday, February 24, 2017


Parking and Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda

Friday, February 24, 2017


West Campus Transportation Center, room 220

  1. Approval of Meeting Minutes from 9/30/16, 11/11/16 and 12/2/16
  2. UI RideShare and Zipcar Update
  3. CAMBUS Route Service Changes
  4. Emeritus Parking
  5. PARCS/Student Day Permit
  6. Night and Weekend
  7. Bus Wraps
  8. Financials
  9. Next Meeting is Friday, April 7



Parking and Transportation Committee

Meeting Minutes


Pending Approval


Members Present:                                  John Fuller, Kris Halter, Doug Moore, Jason Rantanen and Scott Roberts

Staff/Others Present:                             Brian McClatchey, Dave Ricketts, Michelle Ribble, Jim Stoner and Carrie Brus

Members/Staff Absent:                         Sara Bultsma, Connor Gronski, Becky Kick, Jason Pierce-Vazquez, Jim Sayre and Debby Zumbach


Meeting begins at 2:02pm.  Questions on meeting minutes.  Minutes approved by committee. 






UI RideShare

• Ridematching software; collaboration with IDOT

• Launched in October 2016

• Very successful; still new

• Numbers show who has created a profile

• Numbers are not indicative of actual usage

• Thinking about a survey in the future to gauge actual usage

• Faculty/Staff tend to use system for weekly commute trips

• Students likely to use system more so for single trips (Holidays, Spring Break)

• Hope to have additional marketing for Fall 2017 (students coming back to campus)

• HawkTools App available for students

• Incentives to use this service?



• Car sharing service on campus

• Number of cars has fluctuated

• Extending contract for an additional year

• Burge (2); Newton Road Ramp (2); Slater (1)

• Car at Slater is very recent (last week)

• Michelle requested a third car at Burge for Fall 2017; opening of Catlett Hall

• International students

• Huge market for Zipcar

• Have not been able to engage the international students

• Shift some marketing to this group of students on campus

• International students office

• Chinese Students & Scholars office

• Each college has an office for international students

• Better marketing tools available now

• Staff member on campus, Suyun Ma

• University: $15 membership fee annually (would be $25, but Ford kicks in $10)

• Goal is to generate $1,500 per car per month


CAMBUS Service Changes

• In response to Gateway Project on Dubuque Street and Park Road

• Projected completion in Fall 2018

• Disruption to CAMBUS service especially to Mayflower

• Hawkeye-Interdorm

• Mayflower-Downtown Iowa City-Hawkeye Commuter Lot

• Bongo tracks the on-time performance of CAMBUS service

• Modified route to disconnect service to Mayflower to improve on-time performance

• Dramatic improvement to on-time performance

• Added an additional route of Mayflower Shuttle

• To go from Mayflower to Hawkeye before 6pm, you will need to transfer buses on the Pentacrest (downtown Iowa City)

• Do you plan to do any surveys?  No current plans.  Very little feedback so far. 

• Look into how to put a quick survey together.  Asked Dr. Fuller for his input. 


PARCS/Student Day Permit


Student Day Permit

• Student Day Permit is free

• With that permit, you can pay the hourly charge at the Library Lot (charged at the lower student rate)

• Some students have expressed interest in not having charges go to their University bill

• Portal allows students to view their transactions

• Start small to iron some of the issues first


Emeritus Parking

• 1099 issued to those with value exceeding $600

• Emeritus NW

• Lower initial value; hourly use in cashiered facilities

• 1099 issued only if that combined value exceeds $600

• Phase 2 will put all Emeritus users on a card

• This will allow everyone to view their usage


Night and Weekend

• Issues with over-utilization

• Huge program right now

• Takes transactions away from cashier booth; avoid use of cash/credit cards

• Impacts on other lots on campus

• Railroad tracks on Finkbine Road

• Issues with trains/access to Lot 65

• Trains coming through at peak times

• Some people turnaround and park elsewhere


Bus Wraps

• Full bus wraps on three (3) buses

• One finished by Spring Break

• UIHC is paying for the wrap itself; no rental revenue at this time



• Handout of Parking Rates

• Shows the following statistics

• Annual % Change

• 5 Yr. Annual Average % Change

• 10 Yr. Annual Average % Change

• No rate changes for FY 2018

• Activity has increased

• Could look at some rate adjustments in Fall 2017


Bicycle Parking

• Covered bicycle parking at Hospital Ramp 1

• Approximately 65 spaces

• Opened late December 2016


Future Projects

• Hawkeye Transit Station

• Expansion at Hancher

• Art Museum

• Psychological & Brain Sciences Building


Next meeting will be on Friday, April 7

If you have any other items for future meetings, please send ideas to Kris Halter, Dave Ricketts or Carrie Brus

Meeting adjourned at 3:25pm.