June 24, 2014 Meeting


Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Parking and Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

9:30-11:00 a.m.

West Campus Transportation Center, room 275


This special summer meeting has one discussion topic today. 

We will continue the discussion on motorcycle parking.



 Parking and Transportation Committee

Summer Meeting Minutes


Members Present:   John Fuller, Kris Halter, Joyce Murphy and Matthew Peirce

Staff Present:   Mary Jane Beach, Brian McClatchey, Dave Ricketts, Jim Sayre and Carrie Brus

Members/Staff Absent:   Joseph Chen, Connor Einck, David Etler, Paul Hanley and Matthew Tarnoff

The purpose of this summer meeting is to discuss motorcycle parking.  Parking & Transportation has put together a proposal in which to gain feedback. 


• Motorcycle riders can now obtain permits from both the City of Iowa City and the University.  Iowa City permits don’t work at UI parking sites and vice versa.

• When the new Football Operations Facility opens (FOF) later this year, more motorcycle space will open in that location. 

• Football players appear to be the single largest group of users. 

• Newton Road Ramp and the Field House present motorcycle storage issues.

• Field House has the second highest concentration of motorcycles.

• Continue to lose motorcycle parking locations due to construction projects

Images of motorcycle parking (slide presentation)

• Standard motorcycle parking space is 5 x 8 feet

• Standard moped parking space is 3 x 6 feet

• Experimenting with open block of space for motorcycles; no line markings

• Could expand motorcycle parking at the Library Lot

• Motorcycle entrance lane; separate lane for motorcycles to enter; UI has these in a few select locations


• Those who purchase a permit for an automobile can’t transfer that permit over to a motorcycle in warmer weather

• Forced to buy two permits, one for the automobile and a motorcycle permit

• Members of the general public are not allowed to park their motorcycles in MC lots during the day since they wouldn’t have a permit

• Would it be possible to allow motorcycles to park at metered spaces? 

Regulations Proposal:   To allow motorcycles to park at UI public parking meters and to create a permit that allows employees to transfer parking rights between their automobile and their motorcycle. 

Related Four (4) Proposals:

1.  Motorcycles must be parked within the boundaries of the parking stall and may not park on the lines or protrude into the street, the drive aisle of any parking area or any pedestrian ways.

• Proposal is to allow motorcycles to park at meters starting on August 1

• Would accommodate the general public

• Conflict in the field; writing tickets on multiple motorcycles occupying the same space

• There is no way to know who arrived first/last in those situations

• Regulations could limit stalls to 2-3 motorcycles

• Could increase motorcycle permits

2.   More than one motorcycle may park at a metered parking space, but none should block the exiting of any other motorcycles through the back (street or drive aisle side) of the stall. The fine for blocking the exit will be $20 and be written as “Area Not Open to Parking.”

3.  Motorcycles parking in a standard automotive sized metered parking space should park in-line with the stall with either the front or rear tire to the curb, and within the lines.

4.  All motorcycles parked at an expired meter during hours of enforcement would receive an expired meter citation. The fine for expired meters is $15 for un-registered motorcycles and $8 for those displaying a UI student motorcycle permit.

Group comments

• Worth pursuing given the correct regulations

• Experiment/Temporary

• Portion of spaces; not all

• Requested; Try it; Collect data

• Limit the quantity of meters this proposal will involve

• By increasing the parking options for motorcycles, safety issues also increase

• Try this on a trial basis

Other Thoughts

• Cars cost more than motorcycles

• Motorcycles can move around campus more easily

• Motorcycle permits shot up when gas prices went up

• What if mopeds were only used to move about campus?

• What if residence Hall students used facilities for motorcycle storage?

• Why do we care about their behavior?

• Line is almost blurred amongst bicycles, motorcycles and cars

• Electric bicycles are close

• China is the largest market for autos, but sells more electric bicycles than cars


• Shaping some kind of survey; involving MPOJC and John Fuller (Fall 2014)

• Ask motorcycle permit holders in the field

• Labor intensive to obtain information on motorcycle ridership trends

• What to do with the information once you have it?

Other Ideas

• Big lots where motorcycle permit is valid

• Issue an assignment to a specific lot

• Reluctant to take this approach

• Embed a smart chip in the permit to allow tracking

• Involve Public Safety to look at accident reports involving motorcycles

• Duration studies in specific lots

• Permit options for those who want to drive a car and a motorcycle

• Blended permit that can be hung from both a car and attached to a motorcycle

• When driving a motorcycle, only valid in a MC lot

• Pass the fee on to the customer

• Group was supportive of this idea

Action Items

• Explore what Iowa State and UNI are doing about motorcycle parking

• Come back to this group with a proposal including locations

• Implement prior to school starting on August 25