March 10, 2014 Meeting


Monday, March 10, 2014


Parking and Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda

Monday, March 10, 2014

3:30-5:00 p.m.

West Campus Transportation Center, room 220

1) Parking Rate Changes

a. Board of Regents proposal

b. January 2014 Changes

2) Year-Long Student Permits

3) Fleet Services/CAMBUS Shared Facility Feasibility Study

4) Project Updates

a. Hospital Ramp 2

b. Hancher


d. Bike Share Grant Proposal

e. Staff Retreats

f. Mid-year comparisons

g. Big Ten/Midwestern Universities Transportation & Parking Conference

h. Cashier’s Booth Upgrades

i. CAMBUS Operations Supervisor position

j. Radios

k. Public Parking Occupancy Rates

l. Website Redesign

m. Snow/Winter Operations

n. Speakers

5) Next Meeting, April 14



Parking and Transportation Committee

Meeting Minutes


Members Present:   Joseph Chen, Connor Einck, David Etler, John Fuller, Kris Halter, Paul Hanley, Joyce Murphy, Matthew, Peirce and Matthew Tarnoff                                         

Staff Present:   Mary Jane Beach, Dave Ricketts, Jim Sayre and Carrie Brus

Members/Staff Absent:   Brian McClatchey

The meeting was called to order at 3:30pm.  We started with introductions since we had not met as a group since last November. 

Mid-year rate changes (handout)

• The new rates would change as follows:

• First 30 minutes would be free

• Second 30 minutes (31-60) would be charged $0.60

• The hourly rate after that would remain at $1.20

• The daily maximum would be reduced to $10 if the patron could provide validation from UIHC (patient visit or patient visitor)

• Both of these changes would affect Parking & Transportation financially

• The 30 minutes free will cost Parking & Transportation anywhere from $540, 000 to $720,000

• The reduction to a $10 daily maximum for UIHC patients/visitors could cost Parking & Transportation as much as $700,000

• In the first 27 days after the change, there were 1,805 transactions that were subject to the $10 maximum

• The loss in revenue will need to be offset in some way. 

• One way this will occur is to offset aesthetic/cosmetic changes to the Hospital Parking Ramp facilities. 

• Another option would be the cost savings that will come from the new PARCS equipment installation.

• Parking & Transportation is a self-supporting enterprise meaning there are no additional funds allocated to the department other than the fees they are able to generate

• Prior to 2008-2009, UIHC had a program to pay for patient parking

• UIHC chose to discontinue that program which made customers angry

• Losing the program didn’t seem to have any effect on demand

Board of Regents Rate Proposal (handout)

• This year is the fourth year of a five-year rate structure

• The hourly rate changes were front-loaded within this five-year plan

• The permit rate increases have been steady over the five years

• The University sold $25.5 million in bonds last year and plan to sell $19.5 million in bonds this month to pay for the Hospital Ramp

• Replacement, totally $45 million.  UIHC will pay 85% of the debt service. 

Year Long Student Permits

• Parking Services is contemplating a switch to an annual permit cycle for student permits

• Currently, Faculty/Staff are on a two-year permit cycle that begins on August 1, ending on July 31

• The student bus pass will move to an annual pass beginning on June 1

• The thought was to align the student bus pass and student parking permits to be on the same cycle

• Currently, student permits can be purchased for the academic year (9 months) and for the summer term (3 months)

• The concept brought before this group would be for an annual pass beginning on June 1

• The full cost would go on the students U-Bill up front when they purchase the permit

• Some concerns brought up by the committee are as follows:

• If a student only wants a permit for the summer, they would have to incur the entire cost up front only to come back in for a refund in three (3) months.  They could get the money refunded on the back end, but at what burden to them financially up front?

• There is a push for free summer tuition for continuing students; would the additional cost of a permit dissuade them?

• Are there financial aid concerns, payback concerns?

• Current method seems like a better option to this committee

Fleet Services/CAMBUS Shared Facility Feasibility Study

• Dave wanted to make it clear that this is only a feasibility study

• The study is necessary to determine if this shared space would be feasible for both sides.  It would expand operations and move Fleet Services into a more suitable space for doing business.

Virtual Campus Tour

• New Art Building

• Football Operations Facility, anticipated completion is prior to start of the 2014 season

• Hancher Auditorium

• Gateway Project/Dubuque Street/Park Road Bridge

• 100 year flood + 1 foot

• At that level, Dubuque Street would have only been closed six (6) days in 2008

• At that level, Dubuque Street would not have been closed at all during 1993 and 2013

• The plan is to have 2 left turn lanes on Park Road to turn onto North Dubuque Street

• Lighted, controlled pedestrian walkways

• Sidewalks on the east side of Dubuque Street with the exception of one-half block

• Diminished slope on Dubuque will aid CAMBUS

• Will there be bicycle facilities?

• Pappajohn Biomedical Discovery Buildling

• Projected to be done in this summer

• What impact with this new building have on parking?

• Hospital Ramp II Replacement, anticipated completion in Spring 2015

• 42 days behind schedule due to winter weather, but warmer weather should help with that

• UIHC Children’s Hospital, anticipated completion in Spring 2016

• Pharmacy

• Quad will likely come down to make way for Pharmacy addition

• New Residence Hall

• New Residence Hall #2

• Could expand near current construction

• Considering a site on the east campus as well


• Equipment has been ordered

• Infrastructure (connectivity) goes to bid in April, begin in May

• Installation of equipment, begin in June

• Entire project scheduled to be done in December

• New equipment will be a huge leap forward for Parking & Transportation

Bike Share Grant Proposal

• Grant involved three (3) sites, but the application was denied

• Consideration has been given to funding a smaller version within the University, possibly only 2 sites at first

• UISG is working with Recreation Services to move the recreational bike rental from Hawkeye Tennis & Recreation Center to a site east of the Main Library near the Communications Building

• Bike Advisory Committee is currently working on a Bike Plan

• The Parking & Transportation Committee could be asked to provide input once the Bike Plan is at that stage

Staff Retreats

• Parking & Transportation has participated in two half-day retreats to assess the organization and some potential changes

Conference Brochure (handout)

• The Parking & Transportation Department is hosting the Big Ten/Midwestern Universities Transportation & Parking Conference in April

Cashier’s Booth Upgrades

• Parking & Transportation has started the process of upgrading the cashier’s booths across campus

CAMBUS Operations Supervisor position

• Completed two days of interviews today


• Parking & Transportation has a brand new radio system, a total of 79 radios compatible with the JECC system (Joint Emergency Communications Center) which allows us to communicate with UI Public Safety

Public Parking Occupancy Rates

• 500 employees were displaced out of ramps to allow for additional patient parking during the Hospital Ramp 2 project

• Hospital Ramp 3 fills a few times each day

• Hospital Ramp 1 is close to capacity

• Hospital Ramp 4 is where space is still available

• Newton Road Ramp has filled a couple of times

• Cold weather has definitely played a role this winter

• Recently, North Campus Ramp, IMU Ramp and Library were all full at the same time

• There happened to be a Hawkeye Visit Day and a swim meet at the Campus Recreation & Wellness Center on the same day

• Iowa River Landing has not had the impact on parking that was estimated

• Warmer weather should start to help these capacity issues

Snow/Winter Operations

• This winter has been especially stressful on this department

• A large number of phone calls to report various issues


• Dave has initiated a series of speakers to come talk to the Parking & Transportation

• So far, we have had the following come or they are scheduled to come soon:

• Georgina Dodge--Diversity

• Daniel McGehee—Vehicle to Vehicle Communication/Vehicle to Infrastructure Communication

• Steve Fleagle—Impact of ITS

Ideas for next meeting

• Motorcycles

• If you have other ideas, please communicate them to Joyce Murphy

Mid-Year Comparisons (handout)

• Reservations for the Zipcar at Newton Road Ramp are challenging to get during peak times

Meeting adjourned at 5:03pm

The next meeting will be April 14 at 3:30pm.