March 23, 2018 Meeting


Friday, March 23, 2018


Parking and Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda

Friday, March 23, 2018


West Campus Transportation Center, room 220

  1. Approval of Meeting Minutes, 2/23/18
  2. Passport Update
  3. Bicycle Safety near hospital; what can we do to remind bicyclists of safety?
  4. IRL Parking Challenges
  5. Student Airport Shuttle
  6. Parking Citation Appeals Committees
  7. Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  8. Game Day Traffic Analysis Project


Parking and Transportation Committee

Meeting Minutes



Members Present:              John Fuller, Kris Halter, Connor Krajicek, Doug Moore, Scott Roberts, Gustave Stewart, Tavian Stillwell and June Tai

Staff/Others Present:         Jim Sayre, Erin Shane, Jim Stoner and Carrie Brus     

Members/Staff Absent:     Jessie Hinrichs, Kathy Lavezzo and Brian McClatchey


Meeting begins at 3:32pm.  Meeting minutes were approved by the committee as presented.


Employee Travel to Work Survey

• Handout

• Really good response; not prepared to talk about it yet

• Review the data; will discuss more in the future


    • Handout

    • Funds received

    • 51% via the Passport app

    • Seems to be very student driven based on the meter locations

    • Not sure on the usage by the City of Iowa City

    • Pilot program to validate parking sessions

    • University Libraries

    • Will try that out

    • Able to reduce coin collection activities from parking meters

    • More opportunities in the future as Passport grows

      Bicycle Safety

      • Brought up by someone at UIHC

      • Commuter who walks to work

      • Having issues with bicycle traffic

      • Some ideas:

      • Internal marketing campaign within Parking and Transportation

      • Include other groups to push information out

      • What would actually make a difference?

      • Is there any evidence to support training/signage?

      • Is riding your bicycle on the sidewalk permitted? Yes, other than the downtown area.

      • Reach out to the researcher on campus who is looking at bicycle safety

        IRL Parking Challenges

        • Ramp next to the IRL facility

        • Free parking for patients

        • Employees pay to park there

        • City of Coralville began screening to protect retail space

        • Those employees began to park in patient space

        • They don't have enough patient space

        • Retail boom at IRL, additional UIHC expansion

        • No additional parking

        • Looking into some space in the Coralville Intermodal Facility at IRL for employees

        • Would the pricing structure be different at this location?

          Student Airport Shuttle

          • UISG funded a shuttle from IMU to Cedar Rapids Airport

          • Thanksgiving, Winter break, Spring break, end of classes

          • Expensive arrangement for students

          • Fixed departures

          • UISG will continue to fund this project for now

          • Students change every year that would handle this project

          • Parking and Transportation has agreed to manage the process in the future

          • Exploring a new vendor to provide a demand-response service

          • No arrangements have been made at this time; working toward that

          • Looking for information and asking questions right now

          • Would a deposit be required?

          • Would students make their own arrangements? Vendor like Uber or Lyft. 

          • Would this apply to graduate students as well? Yes it would.

            Parking Citation Appeals Committee

            • Faculty/Staff Appeals Committee

            • Meet monthly

            • Provide basic instructions

            • Decisions are up to the committee

            • Appointments are made by Staff Council and Faculty Senate

            • Majority of appeals are from tickets that originate from employees parking in patient facilities

            • Student Citation Appeals Committee

            • Meet monthly

            • Significant time commitment for those members

            • Can appear in person to make your case for both groups; rarely done

            Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

            • Issued RFP (with City)

            • Awarded contract

            • Locations in mind

            • Hawkeye Commuter Lot

            • Hospital Parking Ramp

            • Newton Road Ramp

            • City locations in addition

            • Statewide network; quick charger

            • Grant process for funding

            • Where should they really go?

            • Level One charging stations; very long, at least eight hours

            • Level Two charging stations; couple of hours

            • Level Three charging stations; very quick

            • Spaces could sit empty

            • How do we support this?

            • Should it be a prime space?

            • We can charge for the parking

            • We cannot charge for the power

            • We can have as many or as few as we would like

            • We purchase the hardware

            • Vendor manages the account

            • Charge frequency depends on the vehicle and travel distance

            • Continue to receive requests for charging stations

            • Rapid changing technology

            • Public facilities? Pay by the hour.

            • Commuter facilities, park all day?

            • Try it out, see what happens.

            • Support for placement in public facilities

                Game Day Traffic Analysis

                • College of Business faculty member, Xun Zhou

                • Research focus is spacial big data

                • Football game day traffic during 2018 football season

                • Mutual benefit with Iowa City and MPOJC

                • Kickoff has yet to happen

                  Future agenda items; any personal interests?

                  • Snow Removal efforts; make a future presentation

                  • Snow melter?

                    Meeting adjourned at 4:48pm