March 29, 2016 Meeting


Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Parking and Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

3:30-5:00 p.m.

West Campus Transportation Center, room 220

  1. Approval of Meeting Minutes, 2/16/16
  2. Update on Bicycle Issues
  3. Overview of CAMBUS Operations
  4. Hawkins Drive Reconstruction
  5. Gateway Project
  6. Emeritus Parking
  7. Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  8. Communications Specialist, April Wolf
  9. Staff Executive Council Presentation Summary
  10. Seamans Center Project Pedestrian Safety Concerns Update
  11. West Campus Energy Plant
  12. Grand Avenue Project
  13. Bus Shelters at Commuter Lots
  14. Next Meeting, April 26


Parking and Transportation Committee

Meeting Minutes


Members Present:                                  Ryan Dusil, John Fuller, Kris Halter, Nikki Hodous, Doug Moore, Jason Rantanen

Staff/Others Present:                              Brian McClatchey, Dave Ricketts, Jim Sayre, Debby Zumbach and Carrie Brus

Members/Staff Absent:                          Grant Shirts, Marianne Smith and Matthew Van Hoeck


Meeting began at 3:32pm.  Motion was made and seconded for approval of meeting minutes from our last meeting, 2/16/16.  Motion was approved by the committee. 

Bicycle Issues

Bike Share Program

• Process is in the hands of the City of Iowa City

• Possible sites for bike share

• Six (6) proposed sites

• Pancheros (Clinton and Washington intersection)

• City Hall

• Iowa City Public Library (Ped Mall)

• Daum Hall/East Side Residence Halls

• Newton Road Ramp

• Slater/Field House

• University of Maryland has a program with 14 sites (7 campus/7 city)

• Ohio State and Wisconsin both have bike share programs

Project Updates

Hawkins Drive Reconstruction

• Highway 6 to Finkbine Road leading to Finkbine Commuter Lot

• One lane in each direction for the duration of the project

• No left turn from Finkbine Road onto Hawkins Drive

• Slated for completion by August 12

Gateway Project

• Raising Dubuque Street to combat increase flood protection

• Raising the Park Road Bridge up to North Riverside Drive

• Project has begun

• Trees are being removed along the project

• Wayfinding signage will come down during the project

• Need to discuss the use of temporary signage

• Dubuque Street will need to be closed for a ten-day period, likely in June

• One lane in each direction for most of the project

• Project timeline is slightly more than two years

Seamans Center Project Pedestrian Safety Concerns Update

• Last meeting we discussed concerns about the pedestrian activity in this area

• All suggestions presented have been rejected

Grand Avenue Project

• One lane in each direction; phase ends April 3

• Project will gain space to cross over Riverside Drive

• Need to expect one lane in each direction for a few months

• This will definitely create delays for CAMBUS

Quad Residence Hall

• Demo on Quad Residence Hall will begin after classes wrap up for the spring semester, mid-May

• We will lose some parking in Lot 13 for this project

West Campus Energy Plant

• We discussed this project at a previous meeting

• The project has been cancelled for now

• Other sources will make necessary adjustments for now

Bus Shelters at Commuter Lots

• Finkbine, Hawkeye and Hancher Lots

• Similar to the shelter at the Arena Lot, but smaller in size

Modifications to Finkbine Commuter

• As part of the West Campus Energy Plant project, some modifications were planned for Finkbine Commuter

• Even though the West Campus Energy Plant is not happening, we will go ahead with the modifications

• One of those modifications will create additional space at Finkbine

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Study

• Statewide project

• Determine usage and locations

• What locations make sense across Iowa?

• Some possible locations on campus could be:

• Hospital Ramps

• Newton Road Ramp

• Hawkeye Commuter

• There is an on-campus session planned for discussion on April 5th

• Fleet Services has purchased four new electric vehicles for its fleet

• Nissan Leaf

• Took advantage of the discounts/incentives offered

• Three will go to Facilities Management

• One will be used as a Parking and Transportation department vehicle

Staff Council Executive Leadership

• Provided information to this group of people

• Answered their questions

Art Building

• Challenging parking situation

Communications Specialist

• April Wolf began on March 7

Emeritus Parking

• Approximately 800 Emeritus Faculty on-campus

• Approximately 450 Emeritus Faculty have parking through the Emeritus Permit

• Provides free access to ungated Faculty/Staff lots or any cashiered facility

• No access to meters with this permit

• Permit might have tax implications

• Ungated Faculty/Staff Lot Parking, $62 per month or $744 annually

• Threshold for tax purposes is $600 annually

• Considering different tiers of Emeritus parking

• Possibly the use of a NW permit and track business day usage

• Spouses of deceased faculty that held an Emeritus Permit

• We do not allow the spouse to retain their permit

• Need to handle these situations as gently as possible

• One idea is to create a temporary pass to allow for the spouse to make other arrangements

Snapshots for President Harreld

• Handouts of information put together for President Harreld on each unit

Mobility on Campus

• Vice President Rocklin has agreed to pass the information on to Lyn Redington

• To Dave’s knowledge, this hand off has not happened yet

• Article from the Daily Iowan on bicycle safety

Next meeting is April 26

• Last scheduled meeting

• President Harreld will attend for the first 30 minutes

Meeting adjourned at 4:50pm.