March 3, 2015 Meeting


Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Parking and Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

3:30-5:00 p.m.

West Campus Transportation Center, room 220


  1. Approval of Meeting Minutes for December 10, 2014
  2. Project Updates
  3. Faculty/Staff Assignment Policy involving Lecturers
  4. Bicycle Master Plan/Bicycle Safety Plan
  5. Copenhagen Wheel:
  6. Parking Rates
  7. Campus Tour, March 26
  8. Next Meeting, March 31 at 3:30pm


Parking and Transportation Committee

Meeting Minutes


Members Present:                              John Fuller, Kris Halter, Paul Hanley, Nicole Hodous, Joyce Murphy and Jason Rantanen

Staff/Others Present:                          Mary Jane Beach, Dave Ricketts, Jim Sayre and Carrie Brus

Members/Staff Absent:                      Andrew Fiszer, Andrew Lynch, Brian McClatchey and Matthew Noftsger

Meeting was called to order at 3:33pm.

Meeting Minutes

• The minutes from the last meeting on December 10, 2014 are up for approval.

• A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes as submitted; all members approved the motion.

Hospital Parking Ramp Closures (handout)

• Gone through two winters with Hospital Parking Ramp 2 closed

• UIHC has a high inpatient count approaching full occupancy

• Clinic counts remain high

• When we approach the appropriate threshold, we close certain parking facilities

• When the facility is closed, the count is confirmed

• When the facility is closed, we send staff out to redirect patrons to other locations

• Would prefer not to endure another winter without Hospital Parking Ramp 2

• Working with UIHC to list two different facilities in the patient letters to give patrons more options

Snow Removal (handout)

• Showed a video of snow removal process on Lot 11 (Recreation Center Lot)

• Current contractor is Pro Line; bid out this contract every few years

• Customers have very high expectations when it comes to snow/ice removal from parking lots and sidewalks

• Some future options

• We just completed a new hire for a Parking Maintenance Supervisor

• This new position could provide additional oversight to the snow removal process

• Looking into mobile snow melt possibilities

Project Updates

• Hospital Parking Ramp 2

• Progress is being made

• Few concrete pours left to accomplish

• Utility work is in progress now

• Aiming for an August/September turn over to Parking & Transportation

• Project has experienced labor force challenges; a great deal of movement within the skilled trades workforce

• When to open Hospital Parking Ramp 2?

• Portions of the new ramp and the new Children’s Hospital share an elevator

• Need to ensure safety of all people in choosing when to open the facility

• Pursuing video analytics to know when a vehicle is present in the facility

• Data will be broken down by level

• Looking at other advances, but they are expensive

• License Plate Recognition is one

• Could possibly use this in the future to collect data in the field

• Grand Avenue/Riverside Drive Project

• Ten (10) phases; anticipated completion date of Summer 2016

• Replacing steam lines within the tunnels underground

• Why so long?  Trying to avoid shutting down the road completely

• Aiming to finish prior to the start of the Dubuque Street/Park Road project

• Dubuque Street/Park Road project is still under discussion; completion date may be closer to 2018

• Hancher—close to being on schedule

• Music—slightly behind schedule

• Art—not much to share on this project

• New West Campus Residence Hall—project is on track

• New East Campus Residence Hall on Madison Street—should have some additional information/images at a future meeting

• VA Parking Structure—Parking is specific to the VA and they are handling this new parking structure entirely

• Currently lease 270 spaces in Finkbine/Hawkeye; would keep these spaces once their new parking facility opens

Lecturer Proposal re: Faculty/Staff Assignment Policy

• Faculty/Assignment Policy was created in 2000

• Prior to 2000, the date you applied was the ranking system

• As part of the policy, your seniority date is the ranking system

• It doesn’t matter when you put your name on the waiting list

• Aggressive enrollment plan; 500 new freshmen each year for the next four years

• How to increase the teaching capacity for the increase numbers of freshmen?

• Hire additional Lecturers to teach classes

• Currently, Lecturers are classified as staff, not faculty

• The proposal on the table is to add FH15 to the policy as an approved Faculty classification

• Committee had a nice discussion on this proposal

• Dave is asking for approval from this committee

• Committee felt this was an appropriate modification to the current policy

• A motion was made and seconded; all members voted in favor; this proposal has been approved by the committee

Lot 14 concern

• Gate is always up; could be one or more of several things:

• Staffing shortage

• Night mode

• Equipment malfunction

• PARCS will address some of these issues

Bicycle Master Plan

• Brought plan to this committee last fall (Dr. John Fuller)

• Some concerns were addressed at that time

• Safety

• Other issues related to Parking

• Plan has made it to the Campus Planning Committee

• The plan was approved in work session only

• Goes in front of the formal session next week

• The purpose of the Bicycle Master Plan was to be more of a starter plan with improvements/modifications forthcoming

• Could we approve the plan in concept, knowing that modifications will come?

• Bicycle Advisory Committee is currently looking at the safety issues previously raised

• Downtown Traffic Study will have an impact on this plan

• The Mayor’s Challenge with an emphasis on pedestrian safety

• A motion to approve the Bicycle Master Plan in concept with the knowledge that the details will be worked out

• The motion was made and seconded; the committee voted to approve the motion

• Funds have been granted for a Bike Sharing project

• Student Government, UI Parking and Transportation, Iowa City, the Sustainability Committee and the Bicycle Advisory Committee are all involved in this project.

• Dr. John Fuller has requested a letter of support for the approval of the Bicycle Master Plan

Copenhagen Wheel Video

• Played this video showing a wheel concept for bikes that can be used with your smartphone (

Parking Rates (handout)

• Dave provided a handout detailing what the parking rate structure looks like over our current five-year plan

• The rate increases have been submitted to the Board of Regents for approval

• FY 2016 is the last year of the five-year plan

• Need to start talking about what happens next

• What are the future financial obligations for Parking & Transportation?

• What are the projections for Iowa City’s hourly rate changes?

Campus Tour is scheduled for March 26

Next Meeting is scheduled for March 31 at 3:30pm

Meeting is adjourned at 5:03pm