March 31, 2015 Meeting


Tuesday, March 31, 2015



Parking and Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

3:30-5:00 p.m.

West Campus Transportation Center, room 220


  1. Approval of Meeting Minutes for March 3, 2015
  2. Bicycle Master Plan Update
  3. Lecturer Parking Update
  4. Lot 3/Library Lot
  5. Hospital Ramp Occupancies
  6. Student Employee of the Year
  7. Parking Financial Review
  8. Project Updates
  9. Employee Turnover
  10. Next Meeting, April 14 at 3:30pm


Parking and Transportation Committee

Meeting Minutes


Members Present:                              John Fuller, Kris Halter, Paul Hanley, Andrew Lynch, Joyce Murphy and Jason Rantanen

Staff/Others Present:                          Mary Jane Beach, Dave Ricketts and Carrie Brus

Members/Staff Absent:                      Andrew Fiszer, Nikki Hodous, Brian McClatchey, Matthew Noftsger and Jim Sayre

Meeting was called to order at 3:32pm. 

Meeting Minutes

• The minutes from the last meeting on March 3, 2015 are up for approval.

• A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes as submitted; all members approved the motion.

Project Updates

• Kris and Jason participated in the campus tour led by Dave and Jim on March 26.

• Hospital Ramp 2 is slated to open around October 1.


• Parking Access Revenue Control System

• Cashiered Transactions, 2.2 million annually

• Here is a simple breakdown:

• Card Access (NW, GME, etc): 500,000 transactions

• Cash or Credit only: 800,000 transactions

• Validations + Cash or Credit: 900,000 transactions

Student Employee of the Year

• 23 nominated students university-wide

• 8 students received recognition

• Overall winner

• 2—Certificate of Distinction

• 5—Certificate of Appreciation

• 3 students are in Parking and Transportation; not the overall winner

Bicycle Master Plan

• Letter of support presented to Dr. Fuller

• Still need to present to Campus Planning Committee

• Bicycle Coordinator position possibilities are unknown

• Dr. Fuller spoke to Kent Ralston, Director of the Metropolitan Planning Organization of Johnson County (MPOJC)

• MPOJC has an area-wide Bicycle Plan

• Incorporate the information in both plans

• Potential to form an advisory group to take the lead on this

• Potential to hire an outside firm to actually blend both plan as long as financial support/agreement is available

Lecturer Parking Update

• Handout

• FH15 Job Code

• Transitioning FH15 to Faculty status as part of the Waiting List process

Lot 3/Library Lot

• Approximately 400 spaces

• 50% permits to Lot 3

• 50% student hourly parking

• Complaints

• Access issues for Lot 3 permit holders

• How to best respond now that Library Commons is so popular?

• Could available spaces be displayed?  A consideration with the PARCS, but not immediately

• Can redirect to other locations

• Lot 11

• Not challenging us in terms of capacity on normal days

• Events impact the system significantly

Hospital Ramp Occupancies

• Handout

• Hospital Ramp 2 is out of commission

• At peak, the Hospital Ramps combined stood at 1,646 cars last year and 1,771 cars this year

• Facility closures happen

• Staff on site to redirect patrons to alternative locations

Employee Turnover

• 5 requests for the Early Retirement Program; approved all of them

• Recently hired Ken Friedhoff as the Parking Maintenance Supervisor

• New Customer Service Representative will start on April 13, Rachel Maddix

Parking Financial Review

• 5-year rate package will end in FY 2016

• Each year a re-approval was necessary

• What happens for FY 2017?

• Handouts

• Version A of the rate package

• Version B of the rate package

• Actual outcome of the rate package

• IMU Parking Ramp and Hospital Ramp 1 are older facilities

• Future plans?

• IMU Ramp was built in 1962, no plans yet

• Hospital Ramp 1 was built in 1968; future plans are subject to the UIHC Master Plan

• Hospital Ramp 2 would be expanded underground to the north depending on UIHC cash flow

• Dave believes that Hospital Ramp 2 will be more costly to maintain

• Hospital Ramp 2 came down (learned that later)

• Revenues plateaued; not much growth

• Ramp Permit Revenue decreased; had to move permit holders out of ramps due to construction in other locations

• Permit Revenue accounts for 40-45% of Total Parking Revenue

• Hourly/Cashiered Revenue is slightly higher

• Together, they account for 85-90% of total

• FY 2010, no rate increase

• High Capital Expenses (projects)

• Could you charge different amounts based on facility?

• Example, could you charge more for Hospital Ramp 4 vs. Hospital Ramp 3?

• Stayed away from that thus far

• University of Minnesota does that

Questions/Future Topics

• Information on the following:

• Expenses

• Reserves

• Finance/Debt Service

• Cashiering

• Motorcycles

Next meeting is April 14 at 3:30pm

Meeting adjourned at 4:40pm.