March 8, 2019 Meeting


Friday, March 8, 2019


Parking and Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda

Friday, March 8, 2019


West Campus Transportation Center, room 220


  1. Meeting Minutes Review and Approval, 2/1/19
  2. P&T Leadership Updates 
  3. Passport App Utilization 
  4. Snow Removal Winter 2018-19
  5. Master Planning Efforts 
  6. Expanding License Plate Recognition (LPR) Technology 
  7. Other 
  8. Adjournment


Parking and Transportation Committee

Meeting Minutes



Members Present:              Armando Duarte, John Fuller, Kris Halter, Jessie Hinrichs, Gustave Stewart, Austin Wu, Kevin Zihlman

Staff/Others Present:         Brian McClatchey, Erin Shane, Jim Stoner and Carrie Brus        

Members/Staff Absent:     Eden Dewald, Ioannis Koutsonkolis, June Tai and Debby Zumbach


Meeting Minutes

• Motion to Approve with a proviso, update on bicycle-related items from last meeting

• Minutes are approved

    P & T Leadership Update

    • Debby Zumbach has stepped in to a more active role

    • More active role in master planning efforts

    • More active in budgeting, policy changes, financial

    • Director position will not be filled at this time

    • Erin will attend MPOJC meetings on behalf of the University

    • Erin will take over Jim’s role on this committee

    • No plan for an interim; additional responsibilities for Erin and Debby

      Passport Update

      • Handout/comments

      • Prepared by Senior Accountant assigned to Parking and Transportation

      • Passport vs Coin; 66% vs 34%

      • Looking into areas on campus where we can transition to Passport only

      • Will look to this group for feedback in the future

      Snow Removal

      • Handout/comments

      • Map to show what unit is responsible for areas across campus

      • When calls come in, we just take care of it

      • We do follow-up with the responsible unit

      • Snow contractor in place to help with the larger spaces; new contract in place with a different pricing structure

      • Department personnel take care of the smaller area, parking ramps

      • Priorities shift depending on each snow event, but UIHC is always first priority

      • Stakeholders meet annually to review responsibilities

      • Rough winter season

      • Looking at new ideas to approach snow removal moving forward

      • Safety is the bottom line

      • Cost is difficult to budget; every winter is different

      • One idea brought up—could cost be reduced if there wasn’t duplicate equipment across campus?

      Master Planning Efforts

      • Debby is leading this team

      • Long Term Planning

      • Looking at overall goals

      • Kick-off meeting happened in February

      • Upcoming meetings scheduled for March, April and May

      • Is there a timetable for further input from other groups on campus?

      • Are there any efforts to incorporate work arrangements (telecommuting/flex working) in planning?

      • Interest in allowing student participation in this process

      Expanding License Plate Recognition (LPR) Technology

      • Currently use LPR technology in the Hospital Parking Ramps

      • Need to maximize patient space in those locations

      • Exploring the idea of using LPR technology to replace parking permit hangtags

      • Would rely on accurate license plate data from customers

      • Feedback from the group

      • Different vehicles; would rely on customers to submit that information

      • Early thoughts, would not be a reason to raise parking rates

      • Illinois and Maryland currently use LPR technology

      • Increase in ticket issuance

      • Cost savings compared with issuing permits; a great deal of staff time currently

      • Dependent on accurate information from customers

      • Could reallocate work for current employees

      • Do we start emailing tickets vs putting ticket on your car?

      • Try both during the first year of experimentation

      • Do people actively check that email; would need to capture that information somehow

      • Would maintain access card

      • Integration with gate equipment (Amano-McGann equipment)

      • Cost-benefit seems to make sense

      • Roll out to a user group to get some feedback first?

      • Try first on enforcement

      • Expand to permit in 2021

      • Obscured license plates

      • Do we ever become a one-plate state, only require one license plate vs two?


        • Items to update based on last meeting

        Bicycle Donation

        • Will need to follow-up on this one; report back to group

        • Iowa Hawk Shop

        • Request was sent to Gustave regarding a bicycle rental operation

        • Follow-up with Michelle

        • Other bicycle rental operations out there


        • Interest from vendors

        • Campus stakeholders have met; not a favorable response thus far

        • Have not met with students groups yet

        • Need to follow-up with Debby

        • City of Iowa City has an interest in a pilot program

        • Ideal would be that the University and the City be on the same page

        • Need more information in general; path in unclear right now

        • What are the rules for operation?

        • More to come

        Bike Share

        • No new update; contract is not signed yet

        Transit Study update

        • Four submittals

        • Two came in to make presentations

        • Vendor selection currently sits with Purchasing, City of Iowa City


        Next meeting is on Friday, April 5

        Meeting adjourned at 4:48pm