November 11, 2016 Meeting


Friday, November 11, 2016


Parking and Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda

Friday, November 11, 2016


West Campus Transportation Center, room 220

  1. Approval of Meeting Minutes from 9/30/16
  2. RideShare
  3. Project Updates
  4. CAMBUS Route Service Changes
  5. Next Bus/BONGO Update
  6. Night Football Game
  7. Mobility Safety
  8. Student Park Card
  9. Hospital Pedestrian Signage
  10. Financials
  11. Next Meeting, December 2


Parking and Transportation Committee

Meeting Minutes


Members Present: Sara Bultsma. John Fuller, Connor Gronski, Kris Halter, Doug Moore and Jason Rantanen

Staff/Others Present: Brian McClatchey, Michelle Ribble, Dave Ricketts, Jim Sayre and Carrie Brus

Members/Staff Absent: Becky Kick, Jason Pierce-Vazquez, Scott Roberts, Marianne Smith and Debby Zumbach


Due to some late arriving members, Dave started out talking about some of the financial information.

Looking at what the trends are over time with faculty, staff and student permits.


Financial Discussion

Student permits

• Student Storage

• Steady decline when gas prices increased (approximately August 2005)

• Rebounded in 2014

• Student Commuter

• Impact of the 2008 Flood


• Pretty steady

• Automation

• Some data issues during the installation of PARCS

• Talk more about this at future meetings

• Can we relate the permit data to the number of employees and students?


RideShare Presentation

• Michelle Ribble, Commuter Programs Manager, is here to make a presentation on the new program that launched on October 20, 2016

• Michelle provided an overview of the program and gave a demonstration on how to set up an account

• CAMBUS, Coralville Transit and Iowa City Transit should have their routes programmed using Google Transit by the end of the year

• ITS is currently working on this process

• Currently have about 200 in the program

• Look into mobile friendliness and accessibility with the IDOT

• Could this be added to the Hawk Tools App and to the MyUI home page under Student Tools?

• Michelle distributed a flyer that gives a quick overview and the website

• Could we include this flyer when we issue new student permits?

• Working on some posters for both the office and for CAMBUS

• How many users are there state-wide? Cannot provide that information.

• RideShare could be very useful for arranging trips to athletic events and performances on campus


    Gateway Project/CAMBUS Service changes

    Hawkeye Interdorm

    • One-hour route

    • Use of two buses makes the service 30 minutes for each bus

    • Operating hours are 6:30am-6:30pm

    • Changes will discontinue service to Mayflower Hall

    • Riders will need to complete a transfer if they wish to go from Mayflower to Hawkeye Commuter/Storage

    • Add additional Mayflower Shuttle; will start service earlier at Mayflowe

    • Changes will take effect on Monday, November 28

    • Need to have Hawkeye Interdorm on a more reliable schedule; core route to the entire system

    • Need to maintain proper spacing

    • Will monitor service after changes have been made

    • Stop #1030 on Clinton Street between Jefferson and Washington will only serve Mayflower Shuttle and Hawkeye Interdorm as a layover location


    Lot 11

    • Temporary Boiler Project

    • Need the boiler capacity for this winter

    • Close the entry/exit on Capitol Street

    • Initial phase of the project will move about 110 permit holders to Lot 12 (Court Street Ramp)

    • Project will fence off the area involved in the construction

    • The motorcycle parking area will be reconstructed in a different location within Lot 11

    • Work expected to last through May 2017



      • Uses two weeks prior data to make their predictions

      • Contract for NextBus has expired

      • Received ten proposals

      • In the process of awarding new contract

      • Some features of the new contract are as follows:

      • Automated voice annunciation at stops

      • This feature will allow all three metro systems to be fully ADA compliant

      • Mobile Data Terminal

      • Still use passenger counters, but data will be recorded at each stop location

      • Looking at installation in February and a go-live during Spring Break

      • We will be able to make route changes in house instead of sending it out and waiting until the work can be performed

      • Cost structure will be about the same


      UIHC Wayfinding

      • Hospital Ramps

      • Experiment in Hospital Ramp 4

      • Use of colors/animals on each level

      • Bread crumb idea on the floor or each ramp to lead you back to the hospital


      Other Items

      • Dave mentioned inviting Joe Bilotta to the next meeting to talk about Campus Planning/Master Planning

      • Bicycle Counts

      • No growth based on snapshot taken during Fall 2016

      • Motorcycle Parking

      • Topic of conversation at our next meeting

      Next meeting will be Friday, December 2.