November 2, 2018 Meeting


Friday, November 2, 2018


Parking and Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda

Friday, November 2, 2018


West Campus Transportation Center, room 220

  1. Approval of Meeting Minutes, 10/12/18
  2. Parking Appeals Committee report summary
  3. Parking Lot line painting. Frequency/responsibility/priorities
  4. Parking Permits- Consideration for employee permits being window decals versus mirror hanging permits.
  5. Bongo App
    1. Accuracy
    2. Branding
    3. Next steps
  6. Sidewalks from the Finkbine Commuter Lot
  7. Roundabouts – Educational Campaign?
  8. Volunteer Programs in Parking and Transportation
  9. Cambus service to College Green Park area


Parking and Transportation Committee

Meeting Minutes



Members Present:              Eden Dewald, Armando Duarte, John Fuller, Kris Halter, Jessie Hinrichs, Ioannis Koutsonkolis, Gustave Stewart,
                                                June Tai, Austin Wu, Kevin Zihlman

Staff/Others Present:         Jim Sayre, Erin Shane and Carrie Brus        

Members/Staff Absent:     Brian McClatchey and Debby Zumbach


Meeting to start at 3:01pm

Motion to approve meeting minutes as submitted.  Meeting minutes are approved by the committee. 

All agenda items were brought forward by committee members.


Parking Appeals Committee Report Summary

• Kevin Zihlman brought this agenda item forward; he was the committee chair of this group

• Go through the summary of activities

• Campus Tour to see areas where appeals might be hot spots for tickets

• Could review signage at those locations; recommend possible changes

• Parking and Transportation staff member attends meetings to provide information

• In the future, we could also show the student committee report

• Jim distributed a handout that detailed expired meter citations and voided tickets

• Appeals are a small percentage of total tickets issued

• Customers have ten (10) days to appeal a ticket issued; some exceptions are made to that deadline based on circumstances

• Customers can re-appeal a decision

• Customers can defend their appeal in person; not many people do that

• Photographic support can always help committee members make more informed decisions

• Enforcement officers have the ability to take photos in the field

Parking Lot Line Painting

• General question from Kevin Zihlman

• Parking Maintenance staff performs this work in lots we manage

• Annual event in the spring/summer

• Paint used is meant to quick dry

• Crosswalks/streets are the responsibility of Institutional Roads

• Occasional outsourcing during projects

• Suggestions should go to Erin

Parking Permits

• Decals vs Hangtags

• Hangtags can be a distraction to some drivers when it hangs from rearview mirror

• Could customers set it on the dashboard instead?

• Potential for LPR, License Plate Recognition

• Potential for next permit cycle which begins in 2021

• Pros and cons to leave permits behind completely; need to think this through before making such a change

• Campuses across the country are using LPR now

• Impact to staff?

Bongo App

• Brought up by Jessie Hinrichs

• General questions

• App is written by University ITS

• Data comes from devices on each bus from vendor

• Predictions are based on historical data

• Issue with newer Android devices and Bongo

• Improvements don’t happen unless there are issues to correct

• Consideration to use app from vendor

• Conversations need to happen with Coralville, Iowa City, ITS

Sidewalks from the Finkbine Commuter Lot

• No sidewalk on one side near railroad tracks

• Tricky issue

• Multiple entities own this land

• Not very likely to gain a sidewalk there


• Brought up by Jessie Hinrichs

• Educational campaign potential?

• Efficient in general

• People don’t know how to use them though

• Could share information on social media from a credible source

Volunteer Programs in Parking and Transportation

• Brought up by Jessie Hinrichs

• UIHC uses volunteers for various things

• Is that something that Parking and Transportation has considered?

• Worth some consideration

CAMBUS service to College Green Park area

• Kris was contacted about this; what is his actual concern?

• Some issues are with lack of information in terms of Iowa City Transit

• What are the options for those neighborhoods?

• Iowa City services this area currently

• Provide information on perceived deficiency in transit service (hours provided)

• Issue with redundant service (provided by more than one system in the area)

• Would like to inform Iowa City of concerns; potential to include in transit study

• Utilize Google Maps to trip plan; click on the bus icon for transit routes


Last meeting of the fall semester

Meeting adjourned at 4:35pm