November 21, 2013 Meeting


Thursday, November 21, 2013


Parking and Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda

Thursday, November 21, 2013

3:30-5:00 p.m.

West Campus Transportation Center, room 220


  1. Approval of Meeting Minutes from 10/31/13
  2. Overview of Capital Spending
  3. Emergency Power for UI Children’s Hospital
  4. Cleary Walkway at Jefferson & Market Street
  5. Parking Rates Review
  6. CAMBUS Hawkeye PM service
  7. Athletic Event on November 22, 23
  8. Dashboard Report
  9. Hancher
  10. Motorcycle Parking
  11. Project Updates
    1. Lighting
    2. Radios
    3. Melrose Crosswalk
    4. Theatre
    5. Field House/South Hospital Drive



Parking and Transportation Committee

Meeting Minutes


Members Present:                             Connor Einck, David Etler, John Fuller, Kris Halter, Paul Hanley and Matthew Tarnoff

Staff Present:                                     Brian McClatchey, Dave Ricketts, Jim Sayre and Carrie Brus

Members/Staff Absent:                     Mary Jane Beach, Joseph Chen, Joyce Murphy and Matthew Peirce

Chair Joyce Murphy was not able to attend due to sickness. 

In the absence of the chair, Dave called the meeting to order at 3:31pm.  Dave asked the other staff representatives to step in as chair in Joyce’s absence.  Kris Halter was chosen. 

Dave asked if there was a motion to approve the minutes from our last meeting (10/31/13).  Paul Hanley moved to approve and John Fuller seconded.  All committee members approved. 

Capital Spending Overview

• Dave went through the Fund Balance Report (presentation slide) 

• Some of the points he made

• Debt Service Coverage Ratio should not go below 2 (200%)

• Have outstanding debt on two facilities

• Newton Road Ramp (2000)

• Melrose Avenue Parking Facility (2006)

• Have since refinanced on both projects

• Will add $23 million in debt in February 2014

• We will sell bonds for HR2 Replacement Project

• Debt Service will increase to $2.7 million annually

• The high amount for improvement/expansion expenses in FY 2012 is due to the enabling projects necessary for the HR2 Project

• Debt is assigned to Parking & Transportation even when we don’t pay the entire debt service amount

• A good example of that is the HR2 Project where P & T will only pay 15% of the debt service, but will absorb the full debt amount

• Will this affect the potential to absorb additional debt?

• It is a possibility

• Replacements of HR1 and the IMU Ramp are looming

• HR1 is not a hot topic right now with everything that is happening for UIHC

• The facility was built in 1968 and could last another decade

• IMU Ramp: waiting on some surrounding space right now

• The current space is not big enough for any expansion

• Trends

• Not growing in activity or demand

• Any revenue increases are tied to parking rate increases

Emergency Power Site for new Children’s Hospital (presentation slide)

• Need additional connectivity to the west campus

• Need an immediate power replacement

• Proposed site is on the edge of the Finkbine Commuter Lot

Cleary Walkway at Jefferson Street

• Pedestrians vs. Traffic

• Tested warrants for traffic signal crosswalk

• Handout (what was the date of the study?)

• Dave has been directed to explore this possibility further

• Another consideration is to make Jefferson a two-way street

• CAMBUS is another factor especially at 20 minutes after each hour when classes get out

• Could have as many as five (5) buses at Cleary Walkway at one time

• There is a push to have bike lanes on Clinton Street

• Looking at a road diet where there are two lanes (one going each way) and a turn only lane in the middle

• Looking at the stoplight at Jefferson and Clinton for improvements

• Looking at a study for the Iowa City area (Burlington-Madison-Gilbert-Market)

Parking Rates

• Handouts

• Summary report

• Rate Schedules

• Background given to the group

• Parking inventory is at 15,700 spaces

• 1/3 structure, 2/3 surface

• UIHC is contemplating moving 1,000 non-medical staff out to Oakdale

CAMBUS Service to Hawkeye Commuter

• Hawkeye PM Service

• Student Storage

• Hawkeye Commuter Lot (employees/students)

• CAMBUS started service to Hawkeye in 1997

• Prior to that, Iowa City Transit provided that service

• Hawkeye Interdorm

• Provides service to Student Storage, the Pentacrest and Mayflower

• Hawkeye Express

• Provides services to Hawkeye Court/overflow service

• Hawkeye Hospital

• HR2 interchange (now the WCTC stop)—serves the North Hospital/VA Loop area

• Attempts to coordinate service with Hawkeye Interdorm

• Challenge to serve both North and South Hospital with only one route

• Hawk-Lot Hospital

• Express route from Hawkeye Commuter Lot to WCTC

• Utilizes two (2) buses both in the AM/PM peak

• Expanding service all the time

• Hawkeye Commuter (handout)

• Time schedules listed for all routes to Hawkeye Commuter Lot (AM/PM service)

• Constantly modifying service

• There is a level of discontent with the services

• Distance from campus

• Many first-time bus riders

• Time schedule

• Trying to be as responsive as possible

• Hearing more about the service after 7pm

• UIHC utilizes a van service for employees to Finkbine Commuter, Arena Commuter and Hawkeye Commuter

• There are traffic delays and increased demand

• Need to explore further

• Could we have an on-demand bus to lots 65, 75 and 85 similar to the way Bionic Service operates now?

• Another possibility might be to borrow from BRT (bus rapid transit) principles

• Have a dedicated road with preemptive traffic lights to cut travel time to Hawkeye (Lot 85)

• What would it take?

• Possible to go around the edge of the Finkbine Lot

• Faster service?

• Better option?

• CAMBUS has more fixed-route miles than Iowa City Transit

• Iowa City metro area has an annual ridership of 7 million rides

Athletic Event

• November 22 (tomorrow, Friday)

• Wrestling will hold the Iowa City Duals

• A meet against three small schools as a introduction to the season

• The meet begins at 10am

• Basketball has an early game, starting at 6pm

• November 23 (Saturday)

• Iowa hosts Michigan at Kinnick Stadium

• The combination of all of these in a short period of time makes for some interesting parking issues

• Having wresting during the work day makes this a challenge to handle, but this situation has occurred before

Dashboard Report (handout)

• This report is more like a summation of departmental activities

• The report is not complete, but we are working through that

Hancher images (presentation slides)

• Provide parking space next to the new Hancher

• Have the ability add new “Section M” at a later date

• New Hancher will be smaller, seating approximately 1,800

Motorcycle Parking (presentation slides)

• City of Iowa City began their registration program three (3) years ago

• City of Iowa City has approximately 700 permits

• How should we handle motorcycle permits going forward?

• Should permits be assigned to a specific location?

• Currently has a sticker for their motorcycle/moped

• Could we offer a joint permit with the City of Iowa City?

• MopedU currently has 140 permits through Parking & Transportation

• Cheapest transportation method for students

Other Project Updates

• Lighting

• Selected vendor for new LED lighting that will go in parking structures

• During the selection process, samples were installed at North Campus Ramp

• When a light needs to be replaced, LED lighting is going in

• Starting to discuss retrofitting those lights that are still working with new LED lights

• Radios

• Purchasing new system to replace the current system

• Lot 49

• South of Melrose

• Offering shuttle service by van

• A temporary crosswalk has been installed

• Permanent crosswalk will go in next spring (2014)

• Theatre Project

• 60 spaces are lost during the project

• During the flood, the HVAC operation was in the basement

• The project will move that function onto the roof of the building

• South Hospital Drive

• The new road is now open

• Cars are moving too fast through there when small children are crossing the street going into the Field House

• Presents safety concerns

• Back lot at Mayflower is now closed to work on their flood mitigation project

• Students need to park elsewhere, but some didn’t take parking options offered

• Currently there seems to be a lot of cars parking at City Park

Dave mentioned the Strategic Plan

• John Fuller had asked to see a copy of that at the previous meeting

• The process will be different going forward


If you have a topic you would like to hear more about at a future meeting, please contact the chair, Joyce Murphy

Buses—different fuel options?

Meeting was adjourned at 5:13pm