November 3, 2017 Meeting


Friday, November 3, 2017


Parking and Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda

Friday, November 3, 2017


West Campus Transportation Center, room 220

  1. Approval of Meeting Minutes from 10/20/17 meeting
  2. Mobility Safety Update
  3. Motorcycle Parking
  4. Review of Cashiered/Hourly Revenue
  5. Capacity Discussion
  6. Final meeting of the fall semester



Parking and Transportation Committee

Meeting Minutes


Pending Approval


Members Present:              John Fuller, Kris Halter, Jessie Hinrichs, Connor Krajicek, Doug Moore, Gustave Stewart, Tavian Stillwell and June Tai

Staff/Others Present:         Dave Ricketts, Jim Sayre, Erin Shane and Carrie Brus

Members/Staff Absent:     Kathy Lavezzo, Brian McClatchey, Scott Roberts, Jim Stoner and Debby Zumbach


Meeting started 2:33pm.  Minutes are approved as submitted.  Comment: thank you to Carrie for doing a nice job putting the minutes in such a concise format. 

Mobility Safety Update

• Will bring April Wells in to talk to this group at a later date

• April has been the lead contact on behalf of Parking and Transportation

Dashboard Report

• Quarterly snapshot (handout)

• Dave walked the group through the content

• Operational statistics on each unit within Parking and Transportation

• Zipcar

• Do we do enough to market the program? 

• Could do more with incoming Faculty/Staff

• Could use another car or two

• Availability of cars is an issue

• Current UI locations

• 2—Slater (will have to move these due to construction project)

• 2—Newton Road Ramp

Capacity Discussion

• Hospital Ramp Occupancies (handout)

• Parking Capacity Illustration (handout)

• Dave walked the group through the content

Hourly/Cashiered Revenue

• Through September 2017 (first quarter)

• Slightly down

• Accounts for almost 50% of parking revenues

• North Campus Ramp

• Catlett Hall Project Impact

• Almost no change in amount of transactions

• Change comes in the length of stay

    Motorcycle Parking

    General Comments

    • Record levels of motorcycle parking permits (approx 1,400)

    • City of Iowa City also sells motorcycle permits; do not have that data

    • Current UI permit is basically a hunting license

    • Mopeds cannot park at bicycle racks

    Proposal/Map (handout)

    • Dave walked the group through the proposal

    • Three types of motorcycle parking

    • Public

    • Current have a few spaces around UIHC (a total of eight spaces)

    • Family Care Center and Field House

    • Designated spaces for those without a permit; hourly fee required

    • Reserved

    • Would need a permit to park in a specific location

    • General

    • Ability to move about campus

    • Equivalent to current permit

    What are the goals?

    • Promotion of Safety

    • Unsafe driving of mopeds (large quantity)

    • Reduce congestion

    • Reduce the amount of hunting

    Comments on Proposal

    • Like the idea of multiple permit types

    • Could use pricing mechanisms

    • Could charge more for the general permit due to access to multiple locations

    • Could charge less for the reserved permit

    • Would like to reduce movement about campus


    • One idea is to allow reserved permits to park in close proximity to residence halls

    • The issue is we do not allow students to park cars close to residence halls

    • CAMBUS ridership is down, but it is hard to attribute that to anything specific

    • Could the all-time high volume of motorcycle permits be a factor?

    • Gateway Project is probably one factor

    • Weather has been good; ridership is down across the country

    • Can you get more than one R permit? 

    • Nope. 

    • If you charge R less, only parking in R

    • Almost the complete inverse of what we do for cars

    • Lot 1 would be the example for moving about campus and paying a higher price

    • Would need to consider public space near G lots


    • What will the impact be?  Not sure. 

    • What can we do by Fall 2018?

    • Do you support doing something different? 

    • There is support to look at this

    • Does the current motorcycle rate need to be reviewed?

    What comes next?

    • If we want to make any rate changes, needs to be written up in time for January/February Board of Regents meeting

    • Motion made and seconded; approved by the group

    • Double that for the general permit; approximately $28 per month

    • Current rate for reserved permit; approximately $14 per month

    • Want to be able to say that the Parking and Transportation Committee approved exactly this

    • Group does not want to come together for another meeting if possible

    • Need to talk about this proposal internally

    • Determine what the proposed rates will be

    • Communicate via email to get a group vote

      Meeting adjourned 4:02pm.