October 1, 2015 Meeting


Thursday, October 1, 2015


Parking and Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda

Thursday, October 1, 2015

3:00-4:30 p.m.

West Campus Transportation Center, room 220

  1. Introductions
  2. Hospital Parking Ramp Occupancy Data
  3. Moving Displaced Employees Back into Hospital Parking Ramps
  4. Next Meeting, October 29
  5. Tour of Hospital Ramp 2


Parking and Transportation Committee

Meeting Minutes


Members Present:                              Kris Halter, Nicole Hodous, Doug Moore, Jason Rantanen, Grant Shirts and Marianne Smith

Staff/Others Present:                          Dave Ricketts, Jim Sayre and Carrie Brus

Members/Staff Absent:                      Ryan Dusil, John Fuller, Brian McClatchey, Matt Van Hoeck and Debby Zumbach

Meeting was called to order at 3:03pm.

This is the first meeting of the semester.  We have three new members in attendance.  Introductions were made. 

UIHC Master Plan

• Incorporate “front door” concept

• Children’s Hospital is the first of three buildings

• Hospital Ramp 2 came down in December 2012

• Hospital Parking Ramp 2 is scheduled to open on Sunday, October 25

• The new facility will have 651 spaces

• Children’s Hospital is expected to open in December 2016

• Moved over 1,200 employees to facilitate this project and some other enabling projects like the new Football Operations Facility

Hospital Parking Ramp 2 Schedule Handout

• UIHC sent out an announcement to permit holders

• Parking and Transportation will need to spend time monitoring activity once the new facility opens

• Of the 1,200 originally displaced employees, 656 are yet to be returned

• 440 are yet to be returned to parking ramps

• 216 are yet to be returned to surface parking

• UIHC has elected to move Patient Valet Parking out of Hospital Ramp 4 and into Lot 49

• A move like this will open up 62 spaces in Hospital Parking Ramp 4 to begin moving employees back

• This move will happen the week of October 5

• Overall project cost: $70 million

• Parking and Transportation share: $45 million

• Parking and Transportation is paying 15% of the debt service of their share

• Parking and Transportation will pay the operational costs once Hospital Parking Ramp 2 opens

Hospital Ramp Data handout

• Parking and Transportation has been tracking and collecting data since Hospital Ramp 2 came down in December 2012

• Opening IRL or Iowa River Landing was anticipated to have an impact on parking demand, a reduction

• The data collected does not support that assumption

• Other factors

• Employees parking in Hospital Ramps

• Need to return approximately 440 employees back into Hospital Ramps

Tour of Hospital Parking Ramp 2

• The facility is four levels underground

• The facility has LED lighting

• The facility is painted white

Meeting adjourned at 3:22pm to begin the tour

Next meeting is at 3pm on Thursday, October 29