October 15, 2014 Meeting


Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Parking and Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

3:30-5:00 p.m.

West Campus Transportation Center, room 220


  1. Introductions and Welcome
  2. Downtown Traffic Study, presented by Kent Ralston, Executive Director of the Metropolitan Planning Organization of Johnson County (MPOJC)
  3. Departmental Overview
  4. Additional Project Updates
  5. Items from the Chair
  6. Future Agenda Items
  7. Next Meeting, October 29


Parking and Transportation Committee

Meeting Minutes



Members Present:                              Andrew Fiszer, John Fuller, Kris Halter, Nicole Hodous, Paul Hanley, Andrew Lynch and Joyce Murphy

Staff/Others Present:                          Mary Jane Beach, Kent Ralston, Dave Ricketts and Carrie Brus

Members/Staff Absent:                      Brian McClatchey, Matthew Noftsger and Jim Sayre

Meeting called to order at 3:31pm.  This is the first meeting of the 2014-2015 academic year.  Dave Ricketts led the meeting off with some comments and introductions.

Dashboard Report

• This report gives a snapshot of the Parking & Transportation Department


• 4.7 million rides last year

• Metro area, including CAMBUS, Iowa City and Coralville, tops off at approximately 7.5 million rides

• Fleet Services

• Sell Fuel

• Rental Fleet

• Lease Fleet

• Parking Cashiering

• 2.2 million transactions

• NW Program Automation has a significant impact

• New PARCS equipment is a game-changer…coming soon

• Commuter Programs

• Zipcar

• Growing program that began in August 2012

• University, five cars

• City of Iowa City, two cars

• Bus Pass (U-PASS) Program

• Carpool Program

• Vanpool Program

• Motorist Assistance Program through Field Services unit

Hawkeye Express Train

• Approximately 5,000 people ride the train each game

• Sell approximately 3,000 tickets on-site

• Takes approximately 1,500 cars off-campus during football games

• Going very well through four games this season

Downtown Traffic Study Presentation

• Kent Ralston is the Executive Director of MPOJC and Transportation Planner for the City of Iowa City

• MPOJC, Metropolitan Planning Organization of Johnson County

• MPOJC includes representatives from the following communities:

• Iowa City, Coralville, University Heights, North Liberty, Tiffin, Johnson County, University of Iowa and the School Board

• Kent Ralston provided a handout to the group detailing the RFP specifics

• Study Details

• Level of Service

• Traffic Patterns

• Study scope area

• Market-Gilbert-Court-Madison

• Cost: approximately $160,000

• University of Iowa has involvement in the Steering Committee and also financially on this project

• Shive Hattery has been hired as the consultant on this project

• The consultant is looking at 40 intersections that involve many different modes of travel (cars, pedestrians, buses, bicycles, delivery vehicles)

• Some of the study elements are as follows:

• Convert Market Street to 2-way traffic

• Convert Jefferson Street to 2-way traffic

• Convert Madison Street to 3 lanes; one lane in each direction; one center turn lane and bicycle lanes

• Convert Clinton Street to 3 lanes; one lane in each direction; one center turn lane and bicycle lanes

• Convert Gilbert Street to 3 lanes; one lane in each direction; one center turn lane and bicycle lanes

• Relocate the Iowa City Transit interchange

• Implement traffic signal priority for Iowa City Transit

• Iowa Avenue & Clinton Street intersection—“All Red” Pedestrian Phase

• Bike Accessibility—East to West

• Factors to consider

• Downtown Streetscape

• Impact on community as the University plans to increase enrollment by 500 students annually for the next five years

• Shelter potential at Court Street Transportation Center

• Motorcycles

• Need to treat buses differently than cars

• Count the number of people traveling in each mode

• Which of the study elements make sense?

• How will implementing the study elements affect the rest of Iowa City outside of the study scope area?

• What is the impact on transit to each of the study elements?

• Study Deliverables

• Work Performed—August 2014 through February 2015

• Draft Report is due in February 2015

• Final Report/Presentation to City Council—April 2015

Dave’s Presentation

• New artwork by Susan Chrysler White in WCTC


• Employment shortage

• Long training process for new employees

• Commuter Programs

• 2020 goal of reducing carbon emissions

• Reduce demand for parking on campus

• Bicycle Parking

• Parking & Transportation, Facilities Management and Residence Services all provide bicycle parking on campus

• We provide more than 5,000 bicycle parking spaces

• Conduct a survey each fall to determine utilization patterns

• Hancher Construction

• South lot is almost finished

• North lot is under construction

• Flooding has delayed the Hancher project

• UIHC move out to Research Park

• UIHC will relocate approximately 1,000 employees out to a new facility at the UI Research Park

• Move will occur in September 2015

• Vanpool Program will be significantly affected by this move

• Aspire at West Campus

• New housing development on Hawkeye Campus at Hawkeye Court

• University involvement is very minimal

• Balfour Beatty is the private development company handling this project

• Units are open to graduate students and faculty

• Phase I is at full capacity; ready to begin Phase II

• Andrew Lynch brought some concerns forward about Aspire

• Need to research who to bring those concerns to for discussion; more to come on this at a later time

Bicycle Master Plan

• John Fuller and Andrew Lynch brought the Bicycle Master Plan to discuss, but time ran out for this meeting

• Plan has been adopted by both Student Governments

• This plan is a starting point for discussion

• Looking for other areas on-campus to adopt this plan moving forward

• Andrew Lynch has another role on-campus, he is the President of the Bicycle Advisory Committee

• We will send the presentation to the group for review


• Dave offered the campus tour for new members.  More information will follow on this tour.

Future Meetings

• Please send any topic ideas/issues through the chair, Joyce Murphy

• Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 29


• Meeting adjourned at 4:55pm