October 29, 2015 Meeting


Thursday, October 29, 2015


Parking and Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda

Thursday, October 29, 2015

3:00-4:30 p.m.

West Campus Transportation Center, room 220

  1. Approval of Meeting Minutes, 10/1/15
  2. CAMBUS Service Updates
    1. Research Park Expansion
    2. West Dorm Shuttle
  3. Campus Project Updates
    1. East Campus Residence Hall
    2. Reconstruction of Hawkins Drive
    3. Downtown Traffic Study
    4. Pedestrian Accident at Hawkins Drive and South Hospital Drive
    5. Safety Barrier Study
    6. Opening of Hospital Ramp 2
    7. Cashiering Changes
    8. Zipcar Expansion
    9. Bike Share
    10. Motorcycle Parking Changes at Newton Road Ramp and Library Lot
    11. Storage Parking
    12. Finkbine Utility Projects
    13. Lighting
    14. Cashiering Cameras
    15. New Gates/Bikes
    16. Moving back displaced employees
    17. PARCS
  4. Campus Tour
  5. Next Meeting, December 3


Parking and Transportation Committee

Meeting Minutes


Members Present:      Ryan Dusil, John Fuller, Kris Halter, Nicole Hodous, Doug Moore, Jason Rantanen, Marianne Smith and Matt Van Hoeck

Staff/Others Present:      David Jepsen, Dave Ricketts, Greg Schmitt and Carrie Brus

Members/Staff Absent:      Brian McClatchey, Jim Sayre, Grant Shirts and Debby Zumbach

Meeting began at 3:03pm.  As this meeting happens, there is an Open House for Hospital Parking Ramp 2 in progress. 

Dave started the introductions as we have some new members in the room for the first time.

Campus Project Updates

• Madison Street Residence Hall

• Under construction right now, progressing along

• Anticipated to open in Fall 2017 with approximately 1,000 beds

• The finished project will have a significant pedestrian effect

• Hawkins Drive Reconstruction

• Initial scope to include Elliott Drive down to Highway 6 (the Coralville Strip)

• Project will begin next year and the scope will include Finkbine Drive (access point to Lot 65) to Highway 6

• Downtown Traffic Study

• Just received the final results

• Will invite Kent Ralston at the MPOJC back to discuss further

• Pedestrian Accident at Hawkins and South Hospital Drives

• MPOJC has reviewed the intersection

• Quick improvements to that intersection have been made

• General safety discussion took place among the group; some concerns brought up are as follows:

• Pedestrian concerns; are pedestrians aware of their surroundings?

• Could we implement additional lighted crosswalks to improve safety?

• What are the traffic patterns of other accidents involving pedestrians?

• Consult with Public Safety to obtain some data

• Facilities Management is set to begin a study on movement

• Could this become a segment at Orientation?

• Could enforcement in selected areas become a possibility?

• Structural improvements vs. Changing Behavior

• How do we move this discussion along?

• Survey peers?

• Talk to other units across campus?

• Safety Barrier Study

• Suicide Attempt Prevention Measure

• Options for Parking Ramps on campus

• Hospital Ramp 2

• Open House is currently happening

• Official opening date is unknown

• UI Children’s Hospital has an approximate open date of January 2017

• Cashiering Changes

• Operational changes

• All cashiers now wear uniforms (blue polo shirts)

• Zipcar Expansion

• Temporary expansion through December 2015

• An additional car at Newton Road Ramp and at Hillcrest

• Current inventory including the temporary expansion and Iowa City locations:

• Newton Road Ramp (3)

• Hillcrest (2)

• Burge Hall/Clinton Street (2)

• Linn Street/Iowa City Public Library (2)

• Bike Share Program

• Joint program with City of Iowa City

• RFP out there to put program on campus

• Hope is for full implementation of the program by Fall 2016

• Program sponsored by Bicycle Advisory Committee and the Office of Sustainability

• Motorcycle Parking Changes

• Newton Road Ramp

• Added about 50 extra spots; currently being utilized

• Library Lot

• Full gate arms don’t allow for entry space

• Relocated motorcycle parking to the south end

• Popular destination for motorcycles

• New Library Commons has increased traffic to this parking location

• City of Iowa City now processes motorcycle permits

• Is there any cross registration potential with City of Iowa City?

• Lighting

• Implementation of LED Lighting on campus

• Newton Road Ramp is the first location that has been retrofitted

• Hospital Ramp 3 and Lot 21 are up next

• Storage Parking at Hawkeye Commuter

• Historically, permits have been on the decline

• The last two years the permit activity has been climbing

• Finkbine Utility Projects

• Current Project

• Consolidated facility for emergency power for the UIHC Children’s Hospital

• Future Project

• West Campus Energy Plant

• In response to 2008 Flood

• Need emergency power on the west campus in case of another flood

• Moving back displaced employees


CAMBUS Projects

• Pedestrian access at Rienow Hall

• Working through issues with Housing and UIPD to improve pedestrian pathways at this location

• Could we improve lighting at this location?

• Some concerns when it is dark outside

• UIHC Shared Services Building (SSB)

• Moving about 1,000 people out to Research Park

• All staff are non-medical personnel

• Parking facility would accommodate about 1,000 spaces

• Greg Schmitt, CAMBUS Operations Supervisor

• CAMBUS has been asked to expand the Research Park service to assist in this move

• Research Park route is a 12.2 mile round trip for CAMBUS

• Expanded service would add one CAMBUS and create 30-minute service to this location

• Some questions raised:

• Is there potential for a commuter lot?

• What about the future expansion of this area?

• What is the potential for rail?

• What about Forevergreen Road and a future connection to I-380?

• West Dorm Shuttle

• Route created when Petersen Hall opened

• Added about 500 beds/students to the west side dorms

• Route starts at the West Dorms and goes to the Pentacrest and back

• Supplement to current service to absorb the additional demand

• The timing of this route is crucial so it can absorb the overload that would normally get on other buses at this location

Future Issues

• What topics would you like us to discuss the remainder of the academic year?

• Please send any ideas to the chair

• Some that were mentioned today

• Privatization

• Mopeds

• Electric Bicycle

• Changes in Cashiering

• Cameras in Cashiered Facilities

Campus Tour--working through the details to schedule

Meeting Minutes from last time--Minutes were approved as submitted

Meeting adjourned at 4:34pm