October 31, 2013 Meeting


Thursday, October 31, 2013


Parking and Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda

Thursday, October 31, 2013

3:30-5:00 p.m.

West Campus Transportation Center, room 220

  1. Introductions and Welcome
  2. Campus-Wide Construction Overview, presented by Rod Lehnertz, Director of UI Planning, Design & Construction
  3. Departmental Overview
  4. Additional Project Updates
  5. Items from the Chair
  6. Future Agenda Items
  7. Next Meeting, November 21


Parking and Transportation Committee

Meeting Minutes


Members Present:  Joyce Murphy, Joseph Chen, David Etler, John Fuller, Paul Hanley and Matthew Peirce

Staff Present:  Mary Jane Beach, Rod Lehnertz, Dave Ricketts, Jim Sayre and Carrie Brus

Members/Staff Absent:  Kris Halter, Matthew Tarnoff, Connor Eincka and Brian McClatchey


The meeting was called to order at 3:35pm in room 220 at the West Campus Transportation Center by chair Joyce Murphy. 

Dave Ricketts starts the meeting by introducing the new chair of this committee, Joyce Murphy, followed by the introductions of each member of the committee. 

Dave Ricketts made some introductory comments followed by a question that was introduced at the Board of Regents meeting the week prior.  Why are the revenues and expenses so different between the University of Iowa and Iowa State University?  There are several factors that contribute to this difference despite both institutions belonging to the same governing body, the Board of Regents.  Some of those factors are as follows: number of employees, the University of Iowa Hospital & Clinics, structure vs. surface parking options, the van pool program and the bus program. 

Rod Lehnertz gave a presentation on the efforts to recover from the massive 2008 flood.  Rod Lehnertz is the Director of Planning, Design and Construction at the University of Iowa.  Some of the high points that Rod talked about are as follows:

Dave Ricketts and Rod Lehnertz both attend Campus Planning Committee Meetings that discuss projects involving the UI campus.

We are still recovering 5 ½ years after the 2008 flood

65-70% of Rod’s job right now deals with flood recovery and FEMA

The University of Iowa has never done this much construction on the UI campus

The financial impact from the 2008 flood is $900 million

No other single entity has felt that kind of financial impact

To date, $250 million of work has been completed

Three (3) buildings were lost due to the 2008 flood (Museum of Art, Original Art Building and Hancher

Coralville Dam was built to prevent flooding in the 1950s.  It worked until 1993 and subsequently 2008

Art Building West is fully recovered

Iowa Memorial Union

  • Flood Wall will reach two (2) feet above the 500-year flood level


  • Protected by an invisible wall

Theatre Building

  • Currently in the staging process to begin work
  • Move the mechanical and electrical to the roof
  • Need to harden the basement level

Power Plant

  • Provides steam, chilled water and 30% of electrical power to the UI campus

Overall, 22 buildings were impacted by the 2008 flood

Art Building Replacement

  • Grant Wood studio located in the original building
  • Tear down the additions and keep the original (1936)
  • New building is 4 ½ stories tall
  • Cost is $77 million
  • Slated for completion in 2016
  • Before construction begins, site needs a new road constructed

School of Music

  • 600,000 square feet facility
  • Located on the corner of Burlington and Clinton Streets in downtown Iowa City
  • Tore down two banks for the space to build
  • New building is 6 stories tall
  • Slated for completion in 2016
  • Two different performance halls, 700 seats and 200 seats, respectively
  • Home to 400 performances annually


  • Near site of the damaged facility
  • Demolition has begun and will continue
  • Slated for completion in 2016
  • Cost is $175 million
  • New facility will have 1,800 seats compared to the 2,500 seats in the old building (1972)
  • Performances are handled differently now with shows coming in for several shows, not just a single show

Museum of Art

  • $700 million of artwork
  • Cannot obtain insurance on that building
  • FEMA will not fund the replacement
  • In order to replace, the University will have to fund the project
  • Looking at prospective locations in downtown Iowa City
  • Home to Jackson Pollock’s famed mural, worth $300 million

Pappajohn Biomedical Discovery Building (PBDB)

  • Construction is ongoing
  • Slated for completion in Summer 2014

West Campus Residence Hall

  • First new residence hall since 1968
  • Will contain living/learning communities
  • Slated for completion in 2015
  • Will house 501 beds

Football Operations Facility

  • Slated for completion before next football season, Fall 2014

New Children’s Hospital

  • Slated for completion in 2016

Hospital Ramp 2 Replacement

  • Underground 57 feet
  • 650 space facility, completely underground on four levels
  • $350 million combined project
  • Slated for completion in Spring 2015

College of Pharmacy

  • $96 million project
  • Would tear down the oldest section

College of Engineering Addition (toward Burlington)

  • $30 million project

Psychology Building

  • $25 million project

Main Library modernization

  • $30 million project

Pentacrest modernization

  • $35 million project

Currently there are four (4) standing cranes on campus.  By this winter, we will have eight (8) on campus.  We’ve never had that many at one time. 

Best practice is to work with Parking & Transportation during the planning process of new/renovated facilities

Comments from Chair, Joyce Murphy

  • Read the statement/charge of this committee to the group
  • Need to amend the charge to include bicycle and pedestrian activity

Dave made a presentation that detailed an overview of the Parking & Transportation department

New building, West Campus Transportation Center


  • There are 29 buses on route at peak
  • Buses are currently stored in the bus barn next to Fleet Services

Fleet Services

  • Consists of both a rental fleet and a lease fleet
  • Unit responsible for fueling all University vehicles
  • Several types of fuel are available (E10, E85 and diesel)
  • There are two electric vehicles that are utilized by Facilities Management
  • Both vehicles utilize the charging station located at Fleet Services

Parking Facilities

  • We currently have 13 cashiered facilities
  • Most facilities are a mix of permit and hourly patrons

Commuter Programs

  • Van Pool consists of approximately 700 people and 68 vans
  • Bus Passes
    • We purchase from Iowa City and Coralville
    • We re-sell them to the faculty, staff and students at a discounted rate
    • Faculty, staff and students account for 34% of the metro ridership for Iowa City and Coralville combined
    • Approximately 1,600 faculty/staff and 2,000 students participate in our bus pass program
    • A new pass will go into effect in January for the faculty/staff pass, called the U-Pass
    • The U-Pass will be more like a proximity card, the size of a credit card
    • The U-pass will not expire
    • At this time, students will keep the current pass, but it may go to an annual pass instead of the current semester pass
    • Is it possible to run the bus pass into the UI ID card?
  • Bicycle Parking
    • Surveys are conducted to count the bicycles on campus
    • Several units are responsible to installing bicycle racks on campus
      • Parking & Transportation is one of those units
      • Others consist of Facilities Management and Residence Services

Melrose Avenue Crossing

  • A crossing is in the works to aid those who park in Lot 49 to cross Melrose Avenue without needing to cross at one of two stoplights

Field House/South Hospital Drive

  • The Field House has been separated into two individual buildings to accommodate a new road to the UIHC complex
  • Originally the road was deemed “Main Street”. It is now being called “South Hospital Drive”

Motorcycle Parking will be a key issue this year for the committee

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, November 21, 2013.

The meeting was concluded at 5:05 pm.