September 21, 2017 Meeting


Thursday, September 21, 2017


Parking and Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda

Thursday, September 21, 2017


West Campus Transportation Center, room 220


1.  Introductions

2.  Overview

a.  Organization

b.  Activities

3.  Updates

4.  Financial


Parking and Transportation Committee

Meeting Minutes



Members Present:                   John Fuller, Kris Halter, Jessie Hinrichs, Kathy Lavezzo, Doug Moore, Scott Roberts, Gustave Stewart,
                                                      Tavian Stilwell, Jim Stoner and June Tai

Staff/Others Present:              Dave Ricketts and Carrie Brus

Members/Staff Absent:          Connor Krajicek, Brian McClatchey, Jim Sayre and Debby Zumbach


Meeting began at 3:32pm. 


• Started the meeting with introductions

• Four new students (three are present)

• One new staff member and one new faculty member



• Organizational Chart overview

• CAMBUS; 170 students

• Student-run transit system since 1972

• 35 active buses

• Parking

• 16,000 space system

• 13 cashiered facilities

• Parking Services

• Parking Enforcement/Field Services

• Parking Cashiering; 150-160 students

• Fleet Services

• Approximately 700 vehicles on campus

• Lease fleet (used by departments)

• Rental fleet (about 52 vehicles)

• Study out there to look at privatization

• Commuter Programs

• Provides alternatives to driving to work

• Employee Van Pool Program

• 63 participating vans

• Carpool

• Bicycling

• Zipcar


• Dashboard Report Overview (handout)

• UI Rideshare (handout)


• Presentation led by Erin Shane, Project Manager

• Send presentation to group after the meeting

Newton Road Ramp

• Replacement of glass panels (216 panes of glass)

• Project wrapped in August

Ramp Modifications (suicide prevention measures)

• Hospital Ramp 4 and Newton Road Ramp

• Contractor is on board; likely to begin project in October

LED Lighting Upgrade

• Hospital Ramp 4/Field House; currently working on these facilities

• Hospital Ramp 2, Hospital Ramp 3, North Campus Ramp, Newton Road Ramp and Lot 21 (Pappajohn Business Building) have gone through the retro-fit process

• Hospital Ramp 2 was outfitted with LED lighting during its construction

• Surface lots are more expensive to upgrade than parking ramps

CAMBUS Maintenance Facility (CMF)

• Received a state-wide grant to help with the cost of this project

• Renovations to the building; no expansion on this project

• New lockers/showers

• A second restroom

• Improvements to the working environment

• Active facility

• Project will start in April 2018; completed by October 2018

Art Museum

• Project will go at the Library meter site near Gibson Square

• Parking will be beneath the Art Museum; public parking (right now, 42 spaces)

• Plan to restrict the access to the road between Main Library and those Library meters

• Discussion about closing it completely; would like one lane open at least (one-way east, towards Madison)

• East campus parking is already in high-demand due to special events (Orientation/Admissions/etc)

East Campus Parking

• Lot 3

• Could we display signs telling people how many spaces are available?

• Court Street Ramp is also filling; presents some issues for students to park

• IMU Ramp and North Campus Ramp are not filling, but the rate is higher than the Library Lot (student rate)

• Catlett Hall opening

• Use of North Campus Ramp?

• Hawkeye Storage for student storage

Kinnick Stadium North End Zone Project

• Start demo in November; after the final home game

• Project will last for 19 months

• Skyway will link to the stadium

• Evashevski Drive will shut down for this project

• Will have a light at Melrose

Gateway Project/North Dubuque Street

• Raising Dubuque Street

• Improve the impact of flooding

• Huge impact to CAMBUS and residents of Mayflower Hall

• Dubuque Street portion should wrap in late 2018

• Park Road Bridge portion should wrap in late 2019


Parking Revenues

• Permit Revenue (45%)

• Cashiering Revenue (45%)

Parking rate increases

• Assumptions made prior to five-year package (FY12-FY16)

• Revenues to pay for enabling projects/HR2

• At the time, permit demand had leveled off

• Parking Cashiering--did not know what to expect

• No evidence that parking demand has reduced despite the new clinic openings

Parking Facilities

• Hospital Ramp 1; built in 1968

• IMU Ramp; built in 1962

• Will not come down until Dance moves out and Halsey comes down

• On hold for replacement of these facilities

Automation of cashiered transactions

• Card system for employees/students (My Parking Programs)

Future Topics

• Charging Stations for electric vehicles

• PARCS (Parking Access and Revenue Control System)

• Night and Weekend Program (impact to capacity)


• Campus Safety/Mobility Safety (pedestrians vs bicycles)

• Pedestrian etiquette

• Mopeds

• Autonomous vehicles – impact on parking (Dan McGehee)

• Commuter Programs – active transportation

Please send any other topics or questions to Kris Halter or Carrie Brus

Next meeting is Friday, October 20 at 1:30pm

Meeting is adjourned 4:58pm