September 21, 2018 Meeting


Friday, September 21, 2018


Parking and Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda

Friday, September 21, 2018


West Campus Transportation Center, room 220


  1. Projects update
  2. Long term planning goals and objectives
  3. Student Assistantship introduction
  4. Institutional Roads
  5. 2018-2019 Parking Permit Sales Update
    1. Motorcycles
    2. Students
    3. Bus Passes
    4. Employees
  6. FY18 Financial Year End Close
  7. Committee Charter and Discussion
  8. Next meeting



Parking and Transportation Committee

Meeting Minutes



Members Present:              Eden Dewald, Armando Duarte, John Fuller, Kris Halter, Jessie Hinrichs, Ioannis Koutsonikolis, June Tai, Austin Wu,
                                                Kevin Zihlman

Staff/Others Present:         Hossain Mohiuddin, Jim Sayre, Erin Shane, Lori Skoff, Jim Stoner and Carrie Brus  

Members/Staff Absent:     Brian McClatchey and Debby Zumbach


Meeting begins at 3:03pm


Committee members should feel free to request agenda items

Long-term planning goals and objectives

• Handout

• Campus Planning

• Master Planning process of which Parking and Transportation is involved

• Working through some challenges

• How to address those challenges?

• What are the priorities?

• Does the committee have any concerns/feedback?

• Off-campus facilities

• HSSB, IRL, etc

• Conversations take place about parking arrangements; consultant role

• Parking sells permits for both locations

    Employee Van Pool Program

    • 40th Anniversary celebration

    • Went through an internal review; should we outsource the van pool program?

    • Received one bid from Enterprise

    • Bid came back, much higher cost than our current internal program

      Student Assistantship

      • Hossain Mohiuddin

      • Graduate student, Urban and Regional Planning

      • Current projects

      • Transit needs in high density areas

      • Motorcycle Parking

      • Utilization of GIS programs to facilitate these projects

      • Analyze from an outside perspective; provide recommendations for discussion

      Institutional Roads

      • Parking and Transportation will take over ownership of Institutional Roads; not sure when the switch will happen

      • How will we handle the logistics?

        Parking Permit Sales

        • Handout

        • Motorcycles—overall increase of 14% in the last year; mainly coming from the student population

        • Dual permit with vehicle/motorcycle

        • Student permits

        • Storage permits are down from this time last year; sales tend to fluctuate throughout the year

        • Hancher—sales are up 10%; taking advantage of additional space

        • Night and Weekend—additional demand for Lot 11 due to the high-rise going up at Burlington/Madison

        • UPASS (Bus Pass)—sales are up 6%

        • Employee Parking has remained relatively consistent

          FY18 Financial Year End Close

          • Handout; Jim talked the group through the financials

            Project Updates

            Gateway Project is coming to a close

            • Huge impact to CAMBUS

            • Ribbon Cutting on October 16

            Breckenridge Apartments

            • North of Lot 36

            Hospital Ramp 4

            • Wayfinding Signage; color-coded directional signage that is placed on the ramp floors

            Ramp Modifications

            • Hospital Ramp 4 and Newton Road Ramp

            • Installation of safety barriers as a method of prevention

            Lot 55 Reconstruction

            • Rebuild sections to concrete and the installation of LED Lighting

            Lot 65 Reconstruction

            • Realignment of west section, dedicated pedestrian sidewalks and the installation of LED Lighting

            • Increased capacity by about 70 spaces

            CAMBUS Maintenance Facility

            • Renovation/upgrade

            • Garage door replacement

            • Update the exterior façade

            • Remodel the floor plan

            • Larger break room, locker room, additional restroom, office and storage

            • Project put on hold due to the Capital Projects Moratorium

            • Moratorium has been lifted and this project will move forward

            • Able to get the grant extended

            Upcoming Projects

            • LED upgrades for surface lots

            • Ramp Maintenance

            • Surface Lot Maintenance

            • Lot 14 Reconstruction

            • Continue to reconstruct sections of Lot 55

            • LED Upgrade for Hospital Ramp 1

            • Surveillance cameras at pay stations

            • Hawkeye Transit Station; different design than the original plan

              Committee Charter

              • Members seek feedback

              • Bring any feedback to the group

              • Agenda items

              • Feel free to send ideas/questions to Kris, Jim or Carrie


                • Rails to Trails Study

                • Impact of autonomous vehicles

                • Impact to CAMBUS

                    Bicycle Master Plan

                    • High-level draft format right now

                      Bike Share

                      • Evaluation of three companies

                      • Request to send sample bikes

                      • Discussion whether or not to use electric bicycles/scooters

                      • Need to get started with a program; hopeful to begin soon

                        Meeting adjourned at 4:20pm

                        Next meeting is Friday, October 12 at 3pm