September 30, 2016 Meeting


Friday, September 30, 2016


Parking and Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda

Friday, September 30, 2016


West Campus Transportation Center, room 220

  1. Introductions
  2. Capital Projects
  3. Gateway Project
  4. Events
  5. Emeritus Parking
  6. Path Forward
  7. Staff Changes
  8. CAMBUS Service
  9. Initial Finance Discussion


Parking and Transportation Committee

Meeting Minutes


Members Present: John Fuller, Kris Halter, Becky Kick, Doug Moore and Jason Rantanen

Staff/Others Present: Brian McClatchey, Dave Ricketts, Jim Sayre and Carrie Brus

Members/Staff Absent: Sara Bultsma, Connor Gronski, Jason Pierce-Vazquez, Scott Roberts, Marianne Smith and Debby Zumbach


Meeting began at 1:32pm. Started the meeting with group introductions.

In future meetings, this group will discuss the review process necessary when contemplating a rate increase.


Transit Center at Hawkeye Commuter Lot

• Lot is used for storage, commuters and meters; overall the entire lot is around 1,750 spaces

• Study was performed; Some of the features of a proposed transit center are as follows:

• Saw-tooth spaces for buses, Restroom and Security office and heat, no air conditioning

• Security presence on-site at night, likely 10pm-5am

• External spaces will also be heated to help with ice accumulations

• Could there be a water fountain?

• Could there be access control for the bathroom?

• Potential for automation of access control—Kris can provide additional details

• Looking at a similar facility at Finkbine; facility has 1,130 spaces including metered spots


Hancher Commuter Lot

• Expansion of the lot

• New Hancher Auditorium holds approximately 1,800 seats; previously held around 2,500 seats

• As part of the expansion, there would be a new road; don’t intend to use the road unless it is for emergencies

• Upon completion of the expansion, the Hancher complex would have approximately 1,200 spaces

• Likely to begin expansion in Spring 2017; likely to finish by August 1, 2017

• In what was Lot 28 (next to Theatre Building), a consolidation of meters has been installed

• Approximately 70 meters in this location

• Meters are charged at the student rate, but no student permit is required

• Goal is to serve the population that needs either Theatre or Art Building for short-term use


Clearance Bars at Newton Road Ramp

• Facility built in September 2000

• Clearance bars have been hit three (3) times since April


Ramp Barrier Project/Architectural Enhancements Project

• UIHC asked for a study

• The issue has been related to the closing of mental health facilities across the state and changing the types of patients seen at UIHC

• The focus right now is on Hospital Ramp 4 and Newton Road Ramp

• The goal is to make it harder/more challenging to jump off of a tall building

• Eight (8) feet high fences on the tops of those facilities

• Screens in the tighter spaces

• In the process of choosing a consultant now


Glass Panels at Newton Road Ramp

• Last spring, high winds flexed one of the 200 glass panels; it will be necessary to re-fit all 200 panels


Lot 36 Reconstruction

• Section needed to be rebuilt as part of the Surface Lot Maintenance Project

• Installed LED Lights; install bollards underneath the light poles, but the bollards are vulnerable to salt

• New surface; converted from asphalt to concrete

• Any new surface lot project has a storm water quality component

• Basically, boxes underground that can separate the water from the other particles


Lot 26

• Lots around the Cultural & LGBTQ Resource Centers

• New LED Lights are on order to improve lighting in these areas


Lot 65--Finkbine Commuter Lot

• 175 buses every day cross the railroad tracks; eight (8) trains every day

• Disruptive to CAMBUS service

• Permission has been granted to conduct a study; scope would involve a bridge over the railroad tracks

• CAMBUS Service at Finkbine involves the Hospital Route that stops at WCTC and the Pentacrest Route that serves both sides of campus

• Paver Project

• Tried the use of pavers in a small section of Finkbine Commuter Lot


Bike Shelters at Hospital Ramp 1

• Expensive project per space; approximately $2,000 per space

• Joint project with UIHC; approximately 70 spaces

• Bicycle Repair Station Locations:

• Hospital Ramp 1 (part of the Bike Shelter project)

• Becker Communications, Hospital Ramp 4, Law School and College of Medicine; near CMAB/MERF

• Student Government is paying to have three stations installed; one at each of these locations:

• IMU, Burge and Hillcrest


Motorcycle/Vehicle Combination Permit

• Dual permit that allows the permit holder to drive their car or their motorcycle to work and park in their assigned parking lot

• Permit holders receive a holder for their permit with a cable

• If they drive their car, they hang the permit from their mirror

• If they drive their motorcycle, they hang the holder/cable from their motorcycle

• More lots are converting to a concrete surface which is better for motorcycles

• Takes some pressure off motorcycle lots

• Added motorcycle space at Newton Road Ramp and at Library Lot recently


Ramp Maintenance

• Salt can lead to corrosion and rust within a facility

• It is why maintenance of these facilities is so important

• Structural integrity can be vulnerable to this corrosion


Bike Survey performed last week; no data yet


License Plate Recognition

• Mobile option; camera is mounted to one of our vehicles

• Start to utilize this in the Hospital Ramps first to monitor employee use of patient facilities

• Hardware is installed; currently working out some technical details; hope to start using in October



• Concert at Kinnick

• Grand Openings for Hancher, Visual Arts, Voxman Music and UIHC Children’s Hospital

• Groundbreaking for new Pharmacy Building


Emeritus Parking

• Tax implication issue arose earlier this year; Permit is at no cost to permit holders

• IRS threshold is $600

• Taxable value was determined to be $744, the annual value of a Surface Reserved A Permit

• Created a new option for Emeritus Faculty, the EM-NW permit

• Of the 486 Emeritus permit holders, 115 took the EM-NW option


    Path Forward

    Reduction of select rates for students

    • Commuter Permit, Night and Weekend Permit, Bus Pass and Law R Permit

    Student access to transit routes

    • Map of student addresses, both undergraduate and graduate students

    • Need to incorporate current transit routes to assess future needs based on density of students

    • Proposed study of housing is not included

    Marketing piece/Communications Plan

    • Many of the ideas that students suggested are things we already do

    • Working on information that can explain our services

    Student Park Card

    • Card access to the cashiered facilities on-campus

    • Card use would go to the student’s U-Bill

    • It would track the hours used; not free parking


    CAMBUS Service


    • Showed the group NextBus, the agency view that the CAMBUS Dispatchers see

    • Gateway Project is really exposing CAMBUS service to some long delays especially those going to Mayflower

    • Currently, 11 buses per hour connect to Mayflower

    • Looking at disconnecting Mayflower from some routes; working through those details right now

    Cultural and LGBTQ Resource Centers

    • Houses are open 2pm-10pm

    • No direct CAMBUS service until recently

    • One of the Interdorm Route buses now peels off its route to service a stop on Melrose Avenue near the Cultural and LGBTQ Resource Centers

    • The route serves this particular stop every 30 minutes, 1pm-11pm

    Aspire at West Campus

    • CAMBUS received a petition from the residents of Aspire asking for additional service beyond what is currently provided

    • Still in discussions with Aspire on this; the issue for the residents is access to grocery stores

    • Zipcar could be a solution, but that contract expires in June 2017

    • Discussing the options for Zipcar as well; we only have four (4) cars available now


    Initial Finance Discussion

    • Postpone until the next meeting; ran out of time


    Other Items

    • John saw an electric bicycle on-campus recently

    • Future Meetings

    • Invite Joe Bilotta to a future meeting

    • Friday, November 11 at 3:30pm

    • Friday, December 2 at 3:00pm


    Meeting adjourned at 3:10pm