Departmental Business Parking Placard Guide

Departmental Business Parking Placard Guide

Updated July 2019

Parking and Transportation supports on-campus, business-only mobility for a limited number of employees by issuing a limited number of Departmental Business Placards (DBPs). The placards, sold only to departments, provide access to a range of university parking facilities.  Each placard contains an embedded proximity access card for use at qualifying gated parking facilities. Please contact the Parking and Transportation Department if you have any questions.

New for 2019-2021 permit year

August 1, 2019 through July 31, 2021

Physical placards will be used for two years

We will send you an email on July 1, 2020 for payment only

If you no longer need the permit at that time, please return it to our office to stop accruing charges

Parking facilities eligible for DBP use are dependent upon capacity. The following parking lots are no longer eligible for DBP use:

Lot 4

Lot 6 - Field House Lot

Lot 9 - Pomerantz Career Center

Lot 17

Lot 24

Lot 29

Lot 37

Lot 50 - Reserved parking within Hospital Ramp 1

Lot 51

Family Care Center Lot

A DBP is valid when used as follows:     

  • When properly displayed on the front dash, in conjunction with a valid and properly displayed University of Iowa faculty/staff ramp or surface reserved parking permit and only while conducting official University business in a UI parking facility. A list of permits not eligible to be used with DBP are listed on the back of the placard.
  • When used for no more than three consecutive hours for each entry.
  • When limited to one entry and one exit at a time. 
  • When used for each and every entry into and exit from a gated parking lot.

Proper Use

Please be sure employees using an assigned DBP are aware of the proper use policies listed on the back of the DBP. Proper use information is also listed here for your reference. 

  • Use the placard for each and every entry and exit into a gated parking lot even if the gate is up.
  • The placard cannot be shared for multiple and/or consecutive entries and exits.
  • Do not take a cashier's ticket when using the placard at a cashiered facility.
  • The placard is for official use, not for your own personal convenience.
  • Limit each use to not more than three hours.
  • Do not use the placard to enter an employee’s assigned parking lot, exit an employee’s assigned parking lot, or to access Night and Weekend (NW) privileges. Learn more about NW privileges 

The Departments assigned DBP(s) are required to manage their use in the following way:

  • Subscribing department administration needs to maintain an accurate record of individuals assigned placards. Random audits may occur to help our department identify and educate those improperly using an assigned DBP.
  • Where placards are shared among multiple users, the department will maintain a check-out record of the date, time, and name of the user and provide to Parking and Transportation.