Employee Permit Renewal FAQ

Employee Permit Renewal FAQ

Renewal emails with the link to renew, will be sent to individuals in phases according to their parking assignment. Permit holders will begin receiving the renewal email beginning the week of May 1, 2019.

I am eligible for payroll deductions-how much will I pay each month?

Permit prices displayed online in the web portal are for one year from August 1, 2019 to July 31, 2020. The permits will renew “financially” on August 1, 2020 for the second year of the permit cycle and prices for the second year will be posted pending approval from the Board of Regents.  The monthly payment amounts listed below are for August 1, 2019 through July 31, 2020.

Employee Permit Type Permit Rate

Employee Permit Rates

Night Weekend Parking Permit $17 Per Month
Support Services Building Parking Permit $17 Per Month
Commuter Parking Permit $27 Per Month
Parking Permit A $62 Per Month
Parking Permit B $49 Per Month
Ramp Parking Permit $110 Per Month
Ramp Night Parking Permit $62 Per Month
Surface Night Parking Permit $31 Per Month
Physician Parking Permit $220 Per Month


How do I know if I am eligible for payroll deduction?

Most University of Iowa employees that are paid monthly and work at least 50% time (20 hours/week) are eligible for pre-tax payroll deductions. Employees not eligible for payroll deduction will receive a billing statement for pre-payment.

What if I do not complete my renewal request by July 31, 2019?

Parking assignments in lots that have wait lists may be reassigned to a person on the waitlist if the renewal request is not submitted by July 31, 2019. The Parking and Transportation Department may not be able to guarantee placement in your current parking assignment for renewals received after July 31, 2019.

When will my new parking permit be sent or available for pick up?

Permit distribution will begin on July 15, 2019. For renewal requests placed after July 15, 2019, please stop into either parking office to renew and pick up your parking permit. Permits will be available for pick-up at the Parking and Transportation offices beginning Monday, July 15, 2019.

I received a billing invoice requesting pre-payment for my parking permit; do I really need to pay this to receive my permit?

Yes, prepayment is required for all employees that are not eligible for payroll deduction. Payment may be made by cash, check or credit card and permits will not be distributed until this has been received. To complete a credit card payment over the phone, please call our office at (319) 335-1475.

What if I do not have my new permit by August 1, 2019?

If you placed your renewal request on or before July 15, 2019 and you do not have your permit by August 1, please contact the Parking Services office at (319) 335-1475 or email parking-office@uiowa.edu. If you renewed your parking permit after July 15, 2019, please stop into either parking office to pick up your permit. Continue to display your 2017-2019 permit (hangtag) and contact the Parking Services office if after one week you still have not received your new parking permit.

What if I will be leaving or retiring from the University of Iowa/UIHC on or before July 31, 2019?

Please do not complete the permit renewal process.Your parking permit will expire on July 31, 2019 and no further action is required.

What if I will be leaving or retiring from the University of Iowa/UIHC after July 31, 2019?

If you are leaving or retiring during the month of August, temporary parking permits are available for short term parking (half month/full month) and can be issued to your current parking assignment. Should you choose to renew your parking permit for the 2019-2021 permit cycle, you must return the permit to the Parking Services office to cancel your parking and not continue to accrue monthly charges.