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Frequently Asked Questions for Employee Van Pool

I need to leave early; can I ride a different van home?
Permanent van members can ride another van provided there is space available and the driver is agreeable to it.View Details
I don't have a parking permit, so where can I park when I don't ride the van?
You can use public meters or ramps (except Hospital Ramps 1 & 4 from 8:30am-4:30pm M-F). There are also low cost long-term meters at the Finkbine and Hawkeye Commuter lots.View Details
Is the van assigned to a parking lot?
Yes. Every attempt is made to provide a close parking assignment near the driver's work location whenever possible.View Details
How do I end my Van Pool membership?
Riders are required to give a 14 day notice to withdraw from their van pool so a replacement can be found. Be sure to also notify your driver.View Details
What are some good vanpooling tips?
Take care of the van. Passengers should dispose of newspapers, coffee cups and anything else they brought.View Details
Who can ride in a Van Pool?
Only University of Iowa employees are allowed on the van. Family members and friends that are not University employees can not ride in the van.View Details
What are the Van Pool member's basic responsibilities?
Each van pool group needs a primary driver; at least one back-up driver (preferably two); and someone who will be the van pool coordinator (maintain ridership, mileage and maintenance records).View Details
Who drives a Van Pool?
A regular employee like you. One person volunteers to be the main driver and one or more riders agree to be backup drivers.View Details
Is Van Pool for me?
Vanpooling isn't for everybody.View Details
What is a Van Pool?
A van pool is a group of 7-15 University employees that ride together to and from work in a University-owned van.View Details


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