How much does it cost?

A lot less than you pay to drive alone! AAA's annual "Your Driving Costs" study recently revealed a 1.9% rise in the yearly cost to own and operate a sedan in the U.S. The average cost rose 1.1 cents per mile to 59.6 cents per mile. If you commute 60 miles roundtrip 5 days a week you would pay $8,496/year in commuting costs (60 miles x 5 days x 48 weeks/yr x .59 cents = $8,496). By contrast, a maxi-van would cost $59mo. ($708/yr) and a mini-van would cost $123/mo. ($1,476/yr). As you can see, van pool members have significant savings in contrast to driving alone. Parking & Transportation contributes approximately 30% of the cost of the Van Pool Program to help keep rates low for participants. Each passenger pays a low monthly fare which covers the remaining commuting costs. Eligible University employees may also use pre-tax dollars to pay for their van pool fees.