It's snowing, can I leave early?

Generally, it is better to wait until the road crews have had time to clear the roads before heading home. However, if the driver wants to leave early, everyone who rode that day must have approval to leave early from their supervisor or have been able to make other arrangements to get home. We do not want to strand anyone at work. The van pool program does not have the authority regarding van pool member's work schedules. Van pool members must get approval from their supervisors. Given advancements in weather forecasting, the driver should discuss well in advance of storms if there is a possibility they may want to leave early or not come in at all. This allows members to find out from their supervisor if it will be an issue if they want to leave early. If it will be an issue, those members may want to consider finding another way to work or have an alternate way home so as to not prevent the van from leaving early. If the van will not be coming to work, drivers should notify everyone of the decision (call, text and/or email). Please refer to the University's Policy on Extreme Weather Protocol.