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Frequently Asked Questions for Student

Who decides the answers to citation appeals?
Student appeals are heard by the Student Appeals Committee-this is comprised of University of Iowa students that are independent of the Parking and Transportation Department.View Details
I have a student decal permit-can I do a call in if I drove a different car?
Students with a valid parking permit in their name for the following areas can complete a call in: Finkbine (lot 65), Hawkeye Commuter (Lot 85), Hancher (lot 55), Myrtle (Lot 48) or Hawkeye StorageView Details
Can I drive fleet vehicles with an international driver’s license?
No, International driver’s licenses are not accepted. Puerto Rico and other US territories are considered international and cannot be accepted.View Details
Can I drive a Fleet Services rental vehicle with an out-of-state driver’s license?
Yes, you can drive a rental vehicle with a valid out-of-state driver’s license.View Details
I have been told that I could not drive a fleet vehicle because of my driving record. Where can I find information on this criteria?
Fleet Services and the Department of Risk Management review driving records to ensure that all drivers meet established safety criteria.View Details
What’s the difference between a cargo van and a maxi-van?
A cargo van has space for two passengers and the remaining is used to haul cargo. A maxi-van has seating for a driver and up to 14 passengers.View Details
Do I have to train to drive a maxivan if I’ve driven one before?
Maxi-van training is required for everyone requesting use of a 15-passenger van.View Details
How do I use the gas card provided with the rental/fleet vehicle?
Fleet Services provides a fuel card with each rental/fleet vehicle. When purchasing fuel, you will be asked for a PIN or Driver ID number.View Details
If I pay for fuel or maintenance on a rental/fleet vehicle, will I be reimbursed?
Yes, however, Fleet Services provides full maintenance and fuel purchasing options so you should not need to pay for anything personally.View Details


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